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John Withrow Family



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James Calhoun "JC" LOGAN, Son of Mary Ann WITHROW & James Jefferson LOGAN
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John Withrow was the child of Robert & Janet WITHROW, emmigrants of Ulster, Ireland. I will mainly focus this page on John's descendants as this is my Family line.
The following was taken from "The Heritage of Rutherford County, North Carolina, Volume I, 1984"

James Withrow was born in Virginia in 1746 and arrived in Rowan County, N.C. about 10 miles west of present Salisbury by 1749 with his father, John Withrow.

John Withrow moved to Rutherford and settled on Cane Creek about 1772. James & his wife, Sydney (BRANDON) apparently did not arrive in Rutherford until five or more years later & after the birth of their three children.

Their children were named Mary (apparently for her grandmother WITHROW), Mary Ann, (apparrently for her grandmother BRANDON) & John.

James & these children lived on Cane Creek along with the families of his brothers & sisters, until James purchased land on Hinton Creek at present day Hollis in 1794. Some of his descendants live on Hinton Creek today.

John Withrow, born about 1777, married Mary ETHERINGTON 22 Jan. 1798. John secured most of the property of his grandfather, John WITHROW, who died 1795 on Cane Creek. John & Mary were the parents of 9 children:

Withrow Family Bible

Pages torn from an old Bible and now in the care of John A. Carson of Spartanburgh, S.C.--(taken from the bulletin of The Genealogical Society of Old Tyron County, N.C. Vol. III number 1-2-1975 page 27)


Robert Withrow was born the 24th day of June, 1692
Janet Withrow was born the 1st day of December 1686
Robert & Janet was married the 14th day of May, 1714

The Ages of His Children & names:
William Withrow was born 21sr day 3 mo. 1717
John Withrow was born 7th day 2 mo. 1719 *O descend tru this line...Sandie
James Withrow was born 5th day 2 mo. 1721
Robert Withrow was born 10th day 2 mo. 1723
Jane Withrow was born 4th day 1 mo. 1725,br>
Ann Edmon was born 17th day 2 mo. James Withrow & Ann Edmon was married the 5th dat of March, 1749.
The ages & names of his children:
Mary Withrow was born August 29 1754

Elizabeth Evans was born the 25th day 4 mo. 1730
Robert Withrow & Elizabeth Evans was married the 13 day of March 1747
The ages & names of his children
Agnes was born 31st day of 12 month. 1747
James was born 12th day of 9 mo. 1749