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Lbears homepage

Hi everybody ,i'm Lbear and this is my first homepage.I'm 16 years old and for 16 year old gays/bearlovers the net isn't exactly easy.I first saw the term 'bear' on the page of Marco ( think Marco is the most beautiful bear in the world.I am searching for a bearfriend who likes yung guys,if you are interested you can mail me at I live in Holland and i am in my 3rd year of highschool.When gratuate i want to be a computer-programmer. What is a bear? A bear is in my opinion a large muscular man with a mustache or a beard who likes the outdoors and is of course gay. If you want more info on bears,you can look at The Resources for bears page. I you want some more info on me or pictures of Marco go to the lbear page 2 I'll be updating my page soon. I hope i'll get some reactions to my page, By the way,this is marco. Your options

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