In Memory of My Best Friend Larry
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Memoriam to My Best Friend

7 May 1947 - 7 November 2008

"A friend is one who
knows you as you are,
understands where you've been,
accepts who you've become,
and, still gently invites you to grow~"


"Friend and brother: It was the will of the Great Spirit
that we should meet together this day."

-Red Jacket

November 7, 2008

  • Aztecan Quilt

    I made this quilt for Larry's birthday in May 1998.

    **Click here for Aztecan Symbolism

    Photograph taken by Larry the winter of 1997.

    Larry's home

    Photograph taken by Larry from his front door.
    This is a familiar site at Larry's. I was in awe to see the deer walk right up in his yard.

    Experience Lebam's Nocturnal Symphony
    Special thanks to Larry for the wave file

    Photograph taken by me
    Larry teaching me how to make his world famous "Jalapinto Beans" during our May '97 visit.

    Photograph taken by Larry
    Larry's home and his dog Jinn-Jinn (aka "Foobie-Head")

    Larry & Mariah.

    Sunset, Utah - May 2002

    Larry's first ride on Mariah.

    Sunset, Utah - May 2002

    "There is a certain degree of sameness in your life and mine...a sameness that says no matter how different we are...we can still identify with each other's daily problems and hopes and aspirations. You may have that basic quality of serentiy and quiet confidence...and I of frivolity and eagerness...but we can still communicate through our basic sameness and through friendship, or 'o li i', as we Cherokees call it. If there is any greatness or strength in either of us, it will be from the standpoint of our consideration for each other and our understanding of unspoken concerns and the need for support...for the thread of sameness is from the Great Spirit that touches not only us but all with whom we are in contact...a silent bond that makes us one in courage."

    Taken from "A Cherokee Feast of Days" By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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