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Symbolism of the Aztecan Quilt

Symbolism of the Quilt

Center Most Square:
Tlaloc - The Blue Feathered Eagle - The Aztec God of Storm and Rain

Tlaloc is described as living in a quadripartite dwelling where he has
four urns in which are stored the rains--some beneficient, some
destructive--which he will ultimately provide.

The 4 V-shaped forms extending off of the center block:
Represent the four divisions of the city of Tenochitilan and that from
each of the four cardinal points sacrificial blood flows toward the
ceremonial center, representing the "nourishment" that will enable
the god, that is, the world of the spirit, to continue to maintain
life in this world.

Diamond off of center most square:
Represents the quadripartite dwelling: The Four Quadrants of
Space and Time

The Points of the Diamond:
Represent the four directions:
North: White - Quetzalcoatl - The White Winged Serpent Earth and Water God

East: Red - Tochtli - The Red Rabbit - The Land of Rising - The Place of Rebirth

South: Blue - Tlaloc - The Blue Winged Eagle - The Storm and Rain God - The Land of Cutting, The Land of Dismembering

West: Black - Tezcatilpoca - Black Jaguar - The Smoking Mirror - The Warrior God - The Land of Descending - The Place of Death

Eight V-Shaped forms denote the rays of the sun and probably the four directions.

The Four Corner most blocks:
Represent the Four Urns of Rain


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