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T h e  B e s t  T i - 8 6  W e b s i t e
for math and programs!!!
 Want a custom math program? e-mail me!
File Name Discription           *=recommended              Don't have Winzip?
QuadForm.zip Enter a, b, and c, and it finds the points and solutions.*
Sphere.zip This program finds EVERYTHING of a sphere with just the 
radius, surface area, or volume. (also works with circles)*
Math.zip This program does normal math, made so you dont have 
to quit out of your shells to do a math problem.
PythTheo.zip This program finds a missing length of a third side on a 
MidPoint.zip Finds the midpoint of a line or 2 points.
Vertex.zip Finds the vertex of a porabola.*
AllMath.zip All the math programs.  **
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File Name Discription           *=recommended              Don't have Winzip?
Mario.zip A NICE mario like game!*
PJ.zip PlainJump is a fast action game.*
Penguins.zip This is an ok side scroller. Mario is better.
Frogger.zip Frogger, the game.*
Joltima.zip A cool RPG game, hours of fun for me.*
DuckHunt.zip Like nintendo's Duck Hunt, pretty cool!*
AllGames.zip All the games.  **
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File Name Discription           *=recommended              Don't have Winzip?
ASE.zip Great shell! password protection, and delet files with this.**
Ashell.zip A swell shell, cant have ase and this on one calc tho.
Aurora.zip Looks just like Win95, you can even change the background!
but you can't add games/programs to it.*
Byron.zip This is an unspecial shell, it's alright.
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