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Once a Kiasu,always a Kiasu!

Welcome !elcome to my little page on the web. You are probably wondering why I have a page here. Well, to tell the truth. I don't know really. I just thought it would be neat to have a page on the Internet, so everyone can know about me. I have some links, so try some of these below!

Yup! You have reached my homepage, dedicated to those extreme KIASU people from all over the world.  

Besides being Kiasu, you can also get the latest update on all types of books , mostly bestsellers from this site. It's easy. Just point and click here.


Well, let me introduce myself. I'm a 18 year-old college student studying in Malaysia. And YES !! (Latest Update) I'm not longer associated with the Editorial Board in my college so if all of you out there still want to contribute articles and stuffs, please don't send it to me....but if there's anything interesting (news..jokes..etc..gossip ..LOL ..just forward it to me) or you can drop it at my email.

Don't worry ! I won't bite ! :)

Everything You Wanted To Know About ME !!

Links and More Links !! (Media)

Awesome Midis ... I hope  !!

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Feedback Form ...gimme gimmee some feedback !!

Titanic Movie it in My Cinema ...

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Trivia Contest...test your grey-matter !!

Slap The Spice-Gilrs Game (Have Fun !! )

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As these pages are quite new and recent,I would really appreciate it if you are kind enough to give me feedback via email or by signing my guestbook. As an incentive (hehe :þ) I'll reward every 50th, 100th, 150th...(this goes on) visitor with a mysterious gift if they provide relevant information as well as their email address so I can send them the prize as promised. Okie, to sign my guestbook,   just click on the link below. Thanks for your cooperation.

Updates : Recently , I have some feedback about my guestbook.. It seems that the servers are always busy and the guestbook is seldom available.. So if anybody can't access the guestbook, use the feedback form ok ?..
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