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Kazimierz Dimidowicz Dziecielowski's

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This is the cyber abode of a wanderer of the Known World of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Due to requirements of a certain uncle of mine, I am unable to call any land my true home. I have wandered from the Northern most lands of the Kingdom of the East to the deserts of Atenveldt to the frigid wastes of the Far West. Some day, I pray, I will find a more permanent abode. In this last year, many things have come to pass. The Known World has seen the addition of Aethelmarc and Artemesia to our list of Kingdoms, and we have seen the passing of two of those who attended the First Tournament. It is a time of both Life and Death in our world...

Feel free to follow the links below to find those things I find fascinating in these Current Middle Ages-



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