About ME!
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About ME!

Hello, You all probly know me anyway, im Corey, or _Kane255_, or whatever, and this is me.

Im A 17/m And Im Kinda Tall.. Maybe... I Dunno. O Well, I Like Many Types Of Music. Ok Well I Aint As White As My Pic Says I Am, Im Actualy Quite Tan, But My Friends Camera Bites Royal Balls. Well Im Usualy Sweet, And Nice And Really Kind, Unless U Get On My Bad Side Then I Turn Into A Psychotic Killer Bent On Your Destruction. heh J/K. If Any Of Ya Have More Questions Bout Me... eMail Me Anytime U Want... Later All!

Depression.. hm.. cool

And Yes, I Have An Obsession With Caps On The Beggining Of EVERY Word I Type!!
Once I Find Out About Myself I'll Add Stuff.

I HATE HANSON!!!!!!!!!!

This is a cool Anti Hanson Page.