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Highlander - The Celebration ... The Official Convention 1998 ... Anaheim, CA ... Last updated on June 11, 1998

Anaheim Hilton became my home away from home from April 10 to 12. 12th floor, Room 312 was my bedroom or rather resting room coz I only slept a max of 6 hours in 2 days. Dining room? A box of Pop Tarts - Smore's to be specific. And I brought me a six pack of Pepsi's caffeine free.

So there I was, clad in my "Methos-n2b" garb. Gray sweater with a red Letter "Q" logo *wink*, blue jeans, black boot-like shoes, and my black leather jacket that now has five autographs.

Excitement. Fear. Giddiness. Sorrow. Contentment. *sighs*. Thunk-Drool-Thud. Bliss.

These are just some of the emotions I went through in one day. Excitement. The "I-can't-wait-to-meet-ya'll" kind of excitement. The "I'm-gonna-be-seeing-PW-in-RL-Yippee" kind, too. Fear. All the What Ifs came pouring down on me. What if the FLers don't like me? What if I get disappointed? What if I don't get to see PW somehow? What if I do see him and I make a fool out of myself? And I think I did but nevertheless I was a happy fool so that's that. Giddiness. It felt like I was gonna faint every 5 minutes. There was a whole lot of thunking going on. Sorrow. Some people have all the luck but we move on and so there's Contentment. And then the Q&A's started and there were *sighs* and a lot of Thunk-Drool-Thuds. After feeling ups and downs, the slope stayed up and rose. And suddenly you find yourself in Bliss. Anaheim Hilton has become Nirvana.

"It's nice to feel wanted." -- Methos, CaH.

But I think what floored me was AMAZEMENT. I was amazed of how all these Forumlanders are SO nice. That there were people who actually wanted to meet me. Another type of Amazement bawled me over when I discovered that the cast were a bunch of sweeties, too. **Thanks bunches to GiGi for the FLer badges. They were beautiful!**

Thanks to Godiva
for the "you know what" at your "you know where"

*I'm confused, too* =)

Schedule of Events and Cool Happenings/Sightings.

Forumlanders Welcome Party
Con Reports from FLers
Lots of Imagesupdated!
Peter Rocks!now 2 pages!
Autograph Sighnings
Anaheimers Q&A
Convention Links
FunStuff at the Con

Hopefully, I'll have a copy of the Q&A transcripts soon.
If anybody has one, do email me at


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