Hey everyone! I've been having this argument with my friend Anh about whether or not boys should be able to wear skirts. I think that YES, they should be allowed to wear skirts if we're allowed to wear pants. And they should NOT automatically be called gay if a guy happens to walk down the street wearing a long flowing flowered skirt. Anh thinks that fine, if they want to wear skirts, who is she to stop them, but she says she'd take a staple gun to her big toe before she'd ever date a boy wearing a skirt. I, on the other hand, am very open minded and would definitely consider dating a guy in a skirt. What do the rest of you think? Please e-mail me your opinion, and I'll post 'em up here. Anh's already asked some of her email buds to send in their opinions (hoping that they'd all agree with her and not me!) so here they are:


From: Jo in Australia

Anyway, I live in Sydney, Australia in an area closeish to Paddington and Oxford st. This is the high class gay area. It is really funcky there but I am yet to see a gay guy wearing a skirt there when it is not Mardigras time. Babe you get lots of hot bods strutting the streets in tight leather pants and in summer you get the little tight black shorts can't blink trust me, the guys look so damn hot*LOL* Well that is it for what I have acctually seen yet I am sure there are guys around who will wear little skirts when the hit Oxford St. I hope I have fired up your little debate...yet not to much! Ciao, JO*

From: Wouter in the Netherlands

Well I feel that's it's a free world, so men or women can wear what they want, although it does look a bit weird for a men to be wearing a skirt..right?? It doesn't necesarrily mean that he's gay if he wears skirts though, he could just like the attention! :) I have even worn a skirt in my life, but you already know about that story..right?? :) So boys or men should be able to wear their ow risk though! :)

From: George in Africa:

My opinion about boys in skirts is that some people may think they're gay, but frankly speaking, skirts won't fit boys well because naturally boys have muscular legs and not very attractive asses.

From: Zupitor in India:

For your mail on skirts, my statement is - A donkey has to do its own job. If it tries to imitate a dog it won't look nice.

**Ah, how metaphorical**

From: Ryan in Stoney Creek

I am sorry I have not thought about the subject. I do not really care, to tell you the truth. But personally I do not think it makes you gay or anything. It is the person's chioce.

From: Ed in San Diego

yea, sure. Boyz who are gay should be able to wear skirtz, but i didn't know that they weren't allowed to do so. Also, doing so would really make them look like a fruit.....

**ok, ed, ya kinda got the wrong idea here...I'm trying to prove that guys who AREN'T gay should be allowed to wear skirts!**

From: Deb in Virginia

   I  am sending this to you for Anh . I see no reason why guys shouldn't be able to wear skirts ..Why NOT ? If they think that its more comfortable ..then hey go for it ..why should a guy be labeled gay just because of the clothes he chooses to wear ? Women wear pants & they are not labeled as gay for just that reason ..

  Mel Gibson looked sexy  in a skirt ....LOL

Well that's my views on guys in a skirt ......*S*

From: Tomas in the Czech Republic

My friend Anh asked me if I can send you some comments about boys in skirts. In my opinion boys can wear skirts. But it is very unusual everywhere except in Scotland. It is national custom but you certainly know it. I have never seen boy in skirt IRL but I disagree with opinion that who wears skirts is gay. It can be more comfortable than jeans. BTW I will never wear skirt. Maybe when I visit Scotland.

From: Stefan in Sweden

Hi There! I wear skirts quite often and i have a girlfriend. I AM NOT GAY!!!! *smile*

From: Joel in Australia

G'day Jaymz, This is Joel from Australia. I'm just writing to let you know that straight guys do wear skirts...have you ever seen Braveheart??? (LOL)

From: Dina in Florida

Anh asked me for some input, and since I have opinions on everything, here goes.

I think it's perfectly fine if a man chooses to wear a skirt, gay or not. Clothing is nothing but what we wrap ourselves in, anyway. No one questions a woman who ONLY wears pants, so why should we question a man who chooses to wear a skirt. I tend to wear skirts more than pants, and on a summer day, a nice linen skirt is the most comfortable thing I own. A guy should have the same option.

Regarding a man's sexuality...since it isn't a matter of choice, most gay men are men, what they wear will be governed by that. Masculinity, just as femininity, is not rooted in how we dress or wear our hair or if we choose to wear cosmetics, but in how we see and respond to our surroundings. Likewise, a person's sexuality doesn't necessarily determine his or her demeanor. Think about how many times, if any, you've found out someone you knew was gay, and you thought..."I never knew". There isn't a handbook on how to be "gay". You just are...or aren't. It isn't the Army. There isn't a recruitment office, where you find out just how great the gay lifestyle is, and it won't give you money to go to college when you're through. It's as much a part of your genetic encoding as your hair and eye color. If you were a football player or a homecoming queen before, the likelihood of you suddenly changing because you are homosexual is pretty small.

The human psyche is far more complex than our outward appearance would intimate. Matters of sexuality are far deeper than what we wear, and how we behave, and are best left between two consenting partners. My final word on both subjects is, if a guy is wearing a skirt, and I don't know him...I don't care. And if I do, and I love and care for him...I still don't care. It's his life, his choice.

From: Jod in the Netherlands

Boys should be able to wear skirts. Hell, they _can_ wear skirts. Look at Schotland, or Indonesia.. I wouldn't call a scot gay unless I knew it for sure.. ;) hell,I've know a 'guv who wasn't gay and wore a skirt. He was a bit strange, but that's beside the point.. ;) so, me and my flock and purple kangaroos say that boys can wear skirts! SO! -uhum-.. ;)

From: Lavender in Toronto

Sure, I think boys should be able to wear skirts. After all, we get to wear pants, so as long as we're on this equality thing, it's only nice to be fair. Think of the plus side to this. Now we get to see those hot legs that some guys have...*L*

From: Janelle in Trinidad

Let's see, this is a topic i myself debate with my friends. :) I would have to say that the majority of them do think that guys shouldn't wear shirts and if they do they are gay. I don't think that this is necessarily so. Don't the scottish people wear kilts? Okay that's an exception. In my opinion, if we say girls can wear pants and pants are an article of clothing that was formerly supposed to be for men, then why can't a guy wear a skirt if he wants to. It's like this whole nailpolish fiasco too. Like should a guy wear nail polish? Why the Hell not? It's just colour on your nails for crying out loud. Umm I dunno how valid you think my opinion is because I'm a girl who thinks that there's nothing wrong with guys shaving their legs either. Of course I'm not saying that it isn't odd that a guy would want to wear a skirt or would look kinda unusual in one but if he wants too it's up to him and umm that doh mean he gay. Many guys who wear "normal " clothes are a lot stranger. And by the way, I suppose there's that whole cycle about people being afraid of, not understanding and thinking that if they had a gay friend somehow that automatically qualifies them as gay too. "People fear that which is different" I also think that they would say a guy's gay if he wears a skirt because they just don''t know what else to say.

From: Mic in West Virginia

yes boys should be allowed to wear skirts w/ out being called gay. in fact i went to a catholic high school and we spent years trying to persuade the school to allow boys to wear skirts the way i'm not gay..ask anh. in fact in scotland wear skirts but they call them kilts.

From: Ryan in Toronto

Anh told me to write to you about what I think of the skirt situation.

He should be allowed to do whatever he wants, as long as he's happy with it. But he'd better not come close to me or I'll beat the crap out of him.

From: Liz in ?

I think it's pretty cool if guys want to wear dresses--I mean girls wear pants! Why not men wear our clothing?