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As you might have figured out, I am a huge car audio fanatic. For the past seven years I have been installing car audio and security systems. I am MECP certified and take my work (hobbie) very seriously. This season, (1998) I will be competing IASCA in the PRO 151-300 class with my new 1997 plymouth breeze. I know, why a plymouth breeze? I liked the idea of fixing up a "family" car. Plus, I got it for a great deal. Anyways, I have competed in the past but I never really had the time or the money. Now, thanks to the great people at Paramount audio I have been sponsord a complete stereo system. I am so happy about this because it is so awesome to represent a company that I can strongly stand behind their product, plus they are just really cool people. And how can I forget EFX/Scosche, for sponsoring all those awesome accesories, wire, and interconnects. Now, that took care of the money, What about time?

I work for a company called Mobile Audio Concepts in Bakersfield California (whos web page is in the making) that is responsible for the "Big Dummy" monster truck, and the "Six Pack" in the hot vehicles page of the EFX/Scosche link you clicked on above. We now have a new owner at our shop and he likes to compete just as much as we do. So we are now getting really involved with IASCA and are members of the DB Drag racing circuit. While I am competing in Sound Q, our SPL machine (jeep cherokee) will be will be blasting away in the Db drags and SPL competitions. So, if any of you will be competing in zones 9 or 10, sign my guestbook and let me know what shows you will be attending. Well, enough for now! check back soon and see some pictures I will have of our vehicles!

For pictures of my car click on picture.

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