A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Tara Oliver: Missed ya! I'm glad we're hanging out more again!!
Corrie Gosso: Ehhhh Vicotorrr want to try out my new pull out couch, ehh ehh? :) haha, you rule babe!
Adam Wills: Lookie here, you're above DREW! hehe.. Next year I'll get you somethin a lil nicer than a BARBIE! hehe...
Drew Putoczki: DEW! Ok, enough w/ the porn.. WHEN I get my ID (the FAKE one) we'll go bar hopping!!! haha...
Cara Carson: I'm going to put up that picture from Kelly's ;oP We need to hang out more.. have your ppl call my ppl! hehe
Melissa Middleton: I tell you NAPSTER is the coolest thing, dude!
Devin Homick: I swear to you my boob did NOT pop out!! Remind me to get a pic of ya! :)
Becky Ellenberger: Hey HOTSTUFF! heheh.. you're still my supa-star!
Nadine Hendricks: 5 for YOU, 6 for ME?! :) hehe Hoochies forever! lol
Brooke Thompson: Wanna take the "BEAST" for a spin sometime? hehe... (mike x's 2)
Andrew Gradish: Gradish, you poetic fool, you! It sux that you're the forbidden chocolate!! hehehe!
Nick Barnim: Eau De Mildew? Have your people call my people! heh
Stacey Hill: Yo yo yo, sup 'n shit, man? hehe.. Wanna borrow my VISOR!?
Dustin Donais: Puppy-wuppy! Off to Paris, & Prom!? :) hehe.. sounds good to me! WUHU! lol
Derik Fuller: Internet tests are pretty cool huh? It's been cool gettin' to know ya! :) We still gotta hang out sometime!
Andrew Harris: Wanna go curling?? COMMON!
Dave Mabee: How the hell have ya been!?:)
Cheryl Demarest:BM? Don't talk to ya much anymore! HOW ARE YA!? hehe
Alycia Martin: So girl, when are we gonna hang out again!? :o) Watch for those redlights!
Christine DeSilva: Maybe we can get together over the summer?! :)
Erik Sharpe: SHARRRPPIIEE!! how are ya dude?
Dan Innis: Did I mention you have a hot beee-hind? :) hehe I really do like your hair, ya know that?
Tracie Donais: Good job @ skatin, sorry I missed ya, babe! :(
Mike Mazza: Mikey you're full of idea's AND confidence rules! Don't forget the good ole days! lol
Heather Haley: Hey dude!! :) WHAT'S NEW?!
Brad Slade: I like your mermaid ruler! ;o) You're a cool bud, even if ya are a lil snotty!
Adam Masse: I finally put a link to your page, ya happy?! :) *hehe*.. It's nice you're actually talking to me again!
Steve Purtill: A feeling of nostalga? :) Let's keep in touch this time!!!
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