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Uniforms,Dress and Clothing,Equipment and Accoutrements

The purpose of this page is to assist those who wish to acquire knowledge of,portray or recreate what historical armed and related forces looked like. It is hoped that by furnishing links,contacts,sources and the like that this will be greatly facilitated. Moreover,interdisciplinary and/or cross-cultural comparisons are also anticipated when such information and contacts coallesce.


The Real Landsknecht Home Page
A fine site dedicated to Germanic folk who engendered respect for the infantry!
History and Evolution of Uniforms during the Napoleonic Era
John P.Stallaert's excellent site! Recommended!
History of U.S.Naval Uniforms and Insignia
A fine site with good information and graphics on details such as buttons and laces.
Artiom Kochukov's 'Russian Military Uniforms Page'
A highly recommended site with many gaphics chronologically arrranged including arms and armour and weapons.
The Pickelhaube Page
An interesting site with good photos of diverse German headgear.
Panzer Truppe Uniforms of WWII
A very good Australian based site on Nazi Germany period Armoured troop uniforms. Excellent photos of actual specimens and plenty of fakes as well!