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Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

This page is dedicated to any art and artworks encompassing this interwar Spanish conflict. The international aspects of this civil war and the preludes to World War Two make for some very interesting interpretations by artists amongst others.


  • The Visual Front. Posters Of The Spanish Civil War From UCSO's Southworth Collection
    On-line exhibition of 84 posters presented in a variety of formats for viewers from the Mandeville Special Collections Library,University of California,San Diego.
  • Spanish Civil War - The Posters Of The Spanish[Republican]Revolution
    A fine on-line exhibition of 25 posters.
  • They Still Draw Pictures
    Magnificent on-line exhibition of hundreds of Spanish children's drawings from 1938 or later showing the influences of the Civil War and its consequences on the civilian populations. The exhibition derives its title from the book with the same title first published in 1938 in New York city by the Spanish Child Welfare Association of America for the American Friends [Quaker]Service Committee. It was republished in 1938 and 1939 with identical contents that included the 60 drawings(included separately as part of this on-line exhibition)in black and white. Most but not all deal with war-time subject matter.