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This page is dedicated to any and all artists and artworks created prior to August 1,1914. Its main focus however will be on the Renaissance onwards.

  • Trojan War in Western Art
    Haifa University's excellent chronologically arranged diverse pertinent iconographical sources depicting diverse aspects of Homer's famous narrative.
  • Ares [Latin: Mars]
    Ares,in Latin Mars,the god of war and strife in western art.
  • The Bibliotheque Nationale de France presents: The Age of King Charles V (1338-1380)
    1,000 illuminated manuscript illustrations reproduced. Categories include,inter alia: Histroy/Wars/Battles: Hundred Years' War[19 images];Naval Battles[5 images];Battles:other[14 images];Sieges[22 images];Crusades[12 images].
  • Fortresses of the Popes
  • The Geometry of War,1500-1750
    A very finely produced exhibition and on-line catalogue of same by Oxford University's "Museum of the History of Science" in England. The catalogue displays the great amount of scientific/mathematical information including geometry that is explicitly art related.
  • E.C.WHITELOCK Military Collection
    Edgar Charles(Terry) WHITELOCK (1911-1974) was a British then a Canadian military officer who loved to paint historical military costumes. Many of his works are being sold.
  • Napoleon [La Fondation Napoleon]
    A wonderful site: well designed,laid out with good graphics. Highly recommended.
  • Napoleonic Art Gallery
    A fine site loaded with graphics!
  • Panorama Innsbruck - the Battle of Bergisel 1809
    A great site on the famous later 19th. century panorama on this famous Austrian battle with Napoleonic forces in upper Austria. Recommended.
  • 1812 god Napoleon I v Rossii
    A wonderful site from the Russian Museum in Russia! Great graphics. Virtually all of the V.V.Vereshchagin colour illustrations to his late 19th century published books "1812 god" and "Napoleon I v Rossii" have been excellently scanned with large but easily viewed images! We only wish for an entire English version of this site! Very highly recommended!
  • Museum-panorama Borodino Battle
    The English main page for a beautifully designed site for the F.A.Rubo painted Borodino Battle panorama. Excellent graphics include both contemporary artworks and artifacts such as flags,weapons and uniforms from the period. Superbly done! One page on F.A.Rubo and many pages on the history and forces engaged. Highly recommended!
  • La 1ere Campagne d'Italie VUES d'ITALIE
    A great introduction to the French military engineer-artists specifically Pier Giuseppe Maria BAGETTI (1764-1831)who produced a large series of topographical views of the French campaign in Italy during the Revolutionary Wars. Recommended!
  • The U.S.-Mexican War Art Gallery
    A beautiful site supremely well organized with excellent thumbnails of both many contemporary and historical recreations of scenes from this neglected war.
  • Panorama Museum - Defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855
    A fine site from Sevastopol,Crimea giving a good brief history behind the Frants A. Rubo (1856 - 1928) famous Crimean War panorama.
  • Civil War Art Webring Index
    Intended for commercial U.S.Civil War Art(USA artists) and operated by Ken Oxenrider.
  • Slavin's Art Gallery
    Jacksonville,North Carolina's based commercial art gallery specializing in U.S.Civil War art.
  • R.A.Zeichner - Fine Art Photogrpahy - Civil War Prints [Photos]
    A series of 10 modern photos taken during "reenactments" and/or reconstructions by modern photographer Zeichner. The series is entitled: "Antietam - The Lost Images". Included in the series is one image: "Waud Sketches The Truce at Dunker Church/Alfred R.Waud sketch artist for Harper's Weekly"!
  • Galerie Alfred Waud
    A site devoted to famed American (UNION) Civil War Artist/ Special Correspondent ALFRED WAUD.
  • A Civil War Sketch Artist: American Treasures of the Library of Congress
    Alfred Waud (1828-1891) Union Civil War artist and special correspondent with 4 reproductions of his Civil War work and links. The drawings date from 1862-1864.
  • Black Camisards Inc.
    Civil War era art and collectibles focussing on United States Colored Troops. 12 artists currently displayed with brief biographies of each and thumbnails.
  • Vermont in the Civil War - Artists
    A fine site with good reproductions of various soldier artists from Vermont (includes photographers as well) and good biographical details.
  • Virginia Military Institute Archives - Photograph Collections
    Includes excellent reproductions and specifically of the famous 1914 unveiled battle painting by 1880 VMI graduate Benjamin West Clinedinst (1859 - 1931) "Battle of New Market May 1864." This painting currently hangs at the VMI and the archives also holds materials on the artist and his works.
    Another link on this page is to "Portraits in Preston Library (VMI)."
  • "The Light That Failed"
    Online full text of a Rudyard Kipling (partly autobiographical) novel about a war correspondent and artist (Dickie) with progressively failing eyesight due to a battle wound.
  • The Nikolayev Vereschagin Museum of Art
    This Ukrainian museum owes it origins to the untimely death during the Russo-Japanese War of probably Imperial Russia's most famous native born artist: Vasily V. VERESCHAGIN who was killed during the Siege of Port Arthur. The original museum felt the ravages of Nazi German occupation. However in 1945 it did reopen. This site is simply an explanation of the museum's background with a small photo. Hopefully more detials as to the actual collections will be forthcoming.
  • [Corneilus de Bruin's South African War Painted Tiles]
    A nice site with 4 graphics giving the background behind the series of painted tiles by the Dutch artist: Cornelius de BRUIN (1870-1940). BRUIN painted these tiles in the Dutch tile factory of De Distel,Amsterdam and they were on view in a Rotterdam theater during the war. They are now the property and exhibited at the War Museum of the Boer Republics.
  • Virtual Gallery: Frans Oerder
    A very fine site with 2 reproductions devoted to the South African Republic's official war artist FRANS OERDER during the South African War,1899-1902.
  • Helion and Company Military Art
    A British based fine art reproduction company focussing on 19th century military prints reproductions

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