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This is Military/War Art and Artists administrator's attempt to list and organize the innumerable Internet links. Please,if youknow of ANY pertinent links can you please email/write to the adminstrator and advise giving the FULL title (as it appears on the browser) as well as the FULL URL address(es)? To remind everyone our aim is to be truly international in scope so that some sites in foreign languages [ i.e. not in English ] will be included. PLEASE NOTE: Check under diverse mediums and pages of this site for additional links.


  • The Anne S.K.Brown Military Collection at the John Hay Library
    This surely is one of the finest international collections dealing with military graphics and military dress and insignia. Within the past few yeras 20th. century military artworks have been actively solicited. A personal research visit is unreservedly recommended!
  • The Military History Collections of the New York Public Library
  • Imperial War Museum: Art Collection - Origins of the Art Collection
    Excellent brief history of the 1916 origins of the world famous art collections of the IWM in London,England.
  • Marine Corps History [ Marine Corps Art Collection ]
    The official United States Marine Corps historical site with a separate page entitled "Marine Corps Art Collection" that currently offers diverse images from the 18th.century to the 20th.century.
  • Canada's War Artists
    Great official Canadian site that focuses on Canada's official military/war art and artists from 1914.
  • Aviation and Marine Art Gallery
    The marine and aviation commercial prints of Captain Lars Wiklund from USA.
  • NAVYDAZE Naval & Aviation Art
    U.S.A. Marine/Aviation artist Michael Donegan's page featuring both his marine/aviation art.


  • War,Literature & the Arts
    A beautifully designed and organized site furnishing good current and retrospective access to one of the very few journals devoted to studying war and culture. So far only 2 articles on the visual arts though. However the journal editor/founder Professor Anderson,Deptartment of English at the USAF Academy should be supported.
  • Canadian War Art
    3 articles reproduced in-extenso with footnotes and illustrations written by Laura Branda,Curator of War Art,Canadian War Museum (Ottawa,Ontario,Canada).


    Please see the Pre-1914 page for links.

    World War One

    Please see the World War One page for links.

    Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
    Please see the Spanish Civil War page for links.

    World War Two

    Please see the World War Two page for links.


    Vietnam Conflict 1961-1975

    Please see the Vietnam page for links.

  • Imperial War Museum: Art Collection - Contemporary War Art
    Subtitled: A study guide to the work of LINDA KITSON,JOHN KEANE and PETER HOWSON this is an excellent introduction to the British perspective of their recent official sponsoring of "combat artists".
  • [U.S.]Army Recent Staff Artists' Works
  • [U.S.]Army Former Staff Artists' Works
  • Art of War
    A great site from St.Petersburg,Russia on at present 4 Afghanistan veterans' artworks. Of these four artists at least three have works that date from the mid-1980's or when they were actually stationed in Afghanistan during the 10 year Russian "occupation" (i.e.1979-1989). We wish Mr.VLADIMIR one of the four artists and the web designer best wishes in attracting more veterans of USSR era conflicts. The artists represented are: Grigoriev VLADIMIR (13 works most dated 1986-1987); Alexey KARATETSKY (7 works consisting of allegorical paintings including postwar dated work(s)), Petr SOLNTSEV (5 works: drawings/paintings and 3 "comic strips") and Konstantin ZUBRILIN (10 works: mainly water-colours and/or mixed media. Several depict Kabul). Highly recommended!
  • Mined Churchyard by William MacDonnell
    A Canadian artist in Bosnia during 1994
  • USMC Artist - Military Art - Paintings,Sketches,Prints...
    A finely designed site dedicated to a very long serving professional marine and professional artist/illustrator. Colonel Charles Waterhouse was also an official "combat artist" for the USMC on several occasions commending in Vietnam. He was an "artist-in-residence" for the USMC. At least 2 books and many individual prints are offered. This is a highly recommended site.
  • Heritage Studio: Art & Costume [D.J.Neary]
    A wonderful site full of historical illustration and contemporary military/combat art by Lt.-Colonel D.J.NEARY (USMCR). This site is truly breathtaking! Wonderful graphics and a great illustrator will make for many pleasureable viewing moments! Highly recommended!
  • Welcome to Bowles Military Art
    An interesting site by a current military artist who offers inexpensive reproductions of smaller sized paintings.

    Prisoner-of-War Art and Artists

    Please see the Prisoner of War page for links.

    Protection of Cultural Properties In Armed Conflicts
    Please see the Protection of Cultural Property page for links.

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    SPANISH CIVIL WAR,1936-1939
    VIETNAM Conflict 1961-1975