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Bibliography Series:

#1: Robinson Family World War Art/Illustrations 1914 - 1945

We present the first of an ongoing bibliographical series on selected military/
war,maritime/naval,aviation artists. The Robinson family were a prominent
English family of illustrators in 19th. and 20th. centuries England.
Please feel free to email/write to us regarding omissions,corrections,
additions that you think will bolster the comprehensiveness and accuracy
of our bibliography.

Robinson,William Heath [WHR]

(b.May 31,1872[London,England] - d.September 13,1944)


  1. "Some Frightful' War Pictures"
    London: Duckworth & Co. 1915 48 pages
    The drawings originally appeared in: "The Sketch"and"The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News".
    13.8cm x 21cm.
    Issued in paper coversand quarter bound paper-covered boards with cloth
    backs and silhouette designs on the endpapers. Reprinted in 1916 4 times.
    Silhouette double-page(d.p.)illustrated endpapers,viz.:
    Front endpaper: "Lighting Back"
    Rear endpaper: "The Free Lance"
    2 colour(black and red) pictorial paper covers front and back.
    Pictorial title-page vignette and 7 black and white silhouettes other than those silhouettes on the plate captions.
    XXIV numbered full page black and white plates(halftones).
    Reprint edition: 1916
    "Popular Edition": April,1916 and May,1916
    NOTE: The May,1916 edition's plates are the same but the silhouettes
    are completely different than the original 1915 edition's silhouettes.
    MAY,1916 silhouettes: 29 silhouettes including one on the title-page
    and one on the back cover page;remaining silhouettes are on the facing
    plate caption pages(including a few with two different silhouettes).

  2. Goodchild,George (editor)
    "The Blinded Soldiers and Sailor's Gift Book;..."
    London: Jarrold & Sons 1915 231 pages
    Two colour front cover heraldic vignette and 1 other vignette on spine.
    Cream coloured cloth cover. Page 133: full page colour process print entitled:
    "Sir Galahad" - /`How It Was That Sir Galahad Came To Think He Had Been Suddenly Transported To An Enchanted Forest.'"

  3. "'The Odd Volume' Edited by A.St.John Adcock Published in Aid Of The Funds Of The National Book Trade Provident Society"
    London: Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent & Co.Ltd. 1915 xlviii pages of advertisements,140 pages.
    Page 57 - full page colour process print entitled:
    "Danger!" By W.Heath Robinson. Smith and Jones (each to himself on sighting a Zeppelin). Now we shall soon have an explosion."

  4. "The Queen's Gift Book"
    London: Hodder & Stoughton 1916
    24.5cm x 18.3cm
    Light blue cloth blocked in blue. Many colour and black and white illus.
    by various artists including 1 colour plate by William Heath Robinson(WHR) tipped onto a grey card mount and 3 line drawings to illustrate "The Man of Words" by Mrs.Henry de la Pasture.

  5. "Hunlikely"
    London: Duckworth & Co. 1916 56 pages
    25.2cm x 18.7cm.
    Quarter bound in buff paper-covered boards and a design on the front as
    well as a design on the brown cloth spine(both being red coloured silhouettes).
    Decorated endpapers: Front endpaper entitled - "Washing Day On Board A Zeppelin"
    Rear endpaper entitled - "Idle Moments". Silhouette vignette on titlepage and 30 other silhouette vignettes.
    Pictorial vignette on titlepage and 24 full page
    black and white(halftone) plates. Page 4: "The full page drawings originally appeared in the undermentioned journals....: "The Sketch",
    "The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News","The Strand Magazine","Pearson's Magazine","London Opinion".
    Two series of pictures are included,viz.: "Wangling War Films" [4 plates] and "For The War Inventions Board" [8 plates].

  6. "The Saintly Hun: a book of German virtues"
    London: Duckworth & Co. 1917 48 pages
    33.7cm x 21.3cm.
    Many of the drawings are silhouettes(full page).

  7. "'The Odd Volume' Edited by A.St.John Adcock Published in Aid Of The Funds Of The National Book Trade Provident Society"
    London: Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent & Co.Ltd. 1917 xlviii pages of advertisements,140 pages.
    Page 29 - 1 full page black and white plate entitled:
    "Unpleasant Termination Of/The Crown Prince's Birthday/Party"/By W.Heath Robinson/ (Copyright in USA by W.Heath Robinson)."

  8. "Flypapers"
    London: Duckworth & Co. 1919 64 pages
    30.5 cm x 21.3 cm.
    Saddle-stitched in paper covered paper covers printed in blue and black. A compilation of 30 previously published war-time periodical cartoons related to flying.

  9. Deighton,E.Lonsdale(editor)
    "The British Legion Album In Aid of Field-Marshal Earl Haig's Appeal for Ex-Service Men Of All Ranks."
    London: Cassell and Company Ltd. [1924] (non-paginated) A fund-raising gift book with coloured and black and white plates by various British
    artists. The book consists mainly of autographs partly arranged occupationally along with poety and scored music.
    1 full page black and white line cartoon(signed) entitled:
    "Cupid's Warning"

  10. Robinson,W.Heath and Hunt,Cecil
    "How to Make The Best of Things"
    London: Hutchinson & Co.(Publishers),Ltd. [ n.d. (1940)] viii,120 pages.
    Pink pictorial shilhouette end-papers depicting observation balloons being used as party platforms[!] and 125 line drawings(though a few are silhouettes).
    Blue cloth cover with black pictorial front cover illustration.

  11. Patterson,R.F.
    "Mein Rant"
    London: Blackie & Son Ltd. 1940 x,70 pages.
    19.5cm x 13.1cm.
    Light brown cloth cover titled in dark brown.
    6 full page and 6 half-page line drawings.

  12. "Heath Robinson at War"
    London: Methuen 1942 48 pages.
    Green cloth-covered boards printed in black with wrapper printed in black and yellow.
    Line drawings.

Periodical illustrations

World War I era published illustrations of WHR
"London Opinion": 1914-1918,1920
"The Sketch": 1914-1919
"The Strand Magazine": 1914-1920
"The Illustrated and Sporting & Dramatic News": 1915-1920
"Pearson's Magazine": 1915,1917-1920
"Grand": 1916
"The Bystander": 1917-1920
"Flying": 1917-1919
"The Graphic": 1918-1920
"Out and Away": 1919-1920
"London Magazine": 1920

World War II ear published illustrations of WHR
"The Humorist"[sic]: 1939-1940
"Illustrated": 1939-1940
"London Opinion": 1939-1940
"The Sketch": 1939-1942
"The Strand Magazine": 1939-1940
"The Aeroplane": 1941-1942
"Holly Leaves": 1941-1944
"The Radio Times": 1941-1942

Robinson,Thomas Heath [THR]

(b.June 19,1869 [London,England] - d.February ,1953 [St.Ives,Cornwall])

  1. Bridges,T.C.
    "With Beatty in the North Sea,a story of our gallant navy"
    London: Collins 1917 232 pages.
    25 cm x 18.5 cm Blue cloth blocked in gold and black with pictorial inlay in colours repeating one of the colour plates inside the volume. 4 colour plates by T.H.Robinson and photographs.

  2. Hayens,Herbert
    "From Anzac to Buckingham Palace,a tale of the VC"
    London: Collins 1917
    25.5 cm x 18.5 cm Red cloth blocked in black and gold with spine decoration by T.H.Robninson.
    Paper inlay in colours from one of the 4 colour plates by T.H.Robinson.

  3. Strang,Herbert
    "With Haig on the Somme"
    [London]: Henry Frowde,Hodder and Stoughton 1917
    [London]: Humphrey Milford,Oxford University Press 1930 284 pages and 4 pages of publisher's advertisements
    18.5 cm x 12.5 cm. Red cloth embossed blind and blocked in crimson and gold.
    Decorated title-page,colour frontispiece and 15 black and white illustrations from pen drawings by THR.

  4. Hayens,Herbert
    "Under Haig and Foch"
    [London]: Collins, [n.d.(circa 1920? but probably is c.1918[?])]


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