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Checklist Nr.1: Frederic Remington's (1861 - 1909) North
West Mounted Police [ R.C.M.P. ]

Frederic Remington (born 1861 - died 1909) was a famous American artist who portrayed the North American West and other subjects based partly on his travels to Europe. Although he is very well known in the United States and indeed for anyone who studies American Western art it may not be known that Remington visited Canada on numerous occasions. The following are the known occasions of his Canadian visits:
1) April 1887
Moose Jaw,Saskatchewan
2) December 1889
3) Summer,1890
Victoria,British Columbia
4) May 1895
Lake St.John,Quebec
5) July,1904
6) Summer,1909
Pontiac Club,Ontario (north of Pembroke,Ontario)

As part of the 125th. Anniversary celebrations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.)(1873 - 1998) of whom the earlier name North West Mounted Police (NWMP) was in vogue during Remington's lifetime we are pleased to present below a checklist,our first,of all of Remington's known (as of 1996) NWMP illustrations.