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Potatoe Cannon: A.K.A SpUd GuN

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So, you want to build a Spud gun ay? Well you have come to the right place! This Page will tell you everything you need to know about spud guns.By the way, I got this information from a different web page and these aren't my instructions.

The Fixens
  • 12" of 3" diameter pvc pipe
  • 36" of 2" diameter pvc pipe
  • 3"-2" bell reducer
  • 3" threaded cleanout
  • 3" end cap
  • latern sparker
  • pvc glue and cleaner
  • long stick for a ramrod

    Putting It Together

    • Use a PVC cleaner to clean all of the areas that you are going to glue.
    • Take the 12" of 3" pipe and glue the cleanout to one end. As with all pvc gluing apply glue to both areas that attach to each other. Then push the parts together (a hammer and a piece of wood may be needed). Give the part a 1/4 turn so the glue is spread evenly.
    • Glue the reducer to the 3" chamber.
    • Glue your cut 36" section of 2" pvc into the other end of the reducer. Now set that aside to dry. You have another job to do.
    • Take your 3" end cap and drill a hole the diameter of the shaft of the lantern sparker in the center.
    • Sparker Prep. The sparker comes with a metal piece on it.Remove the head (end with a screw in it) and don't lose the extra flint inside. Now take the metal piece off and discard it.
    • Stick the sparker shaft through the hole. You may have to drill a broader, shallower hole to make it fit better. Then tighten the nuts around the shaft. You should have a working sparker
    • Now that you have waited overnight for your gun to dry, run the end cap in and out of your cleanout. Isn't that neat. Test again for spark. You want to see fire. Fire is good.
    • Last step, use a grinder or a file to bevel the outside of the barrel. This cuts the potato as you ram it in.

    • Get potatoes and some cheap hairspray
    • Open chamber. Stick potato in barrel. Ram down till start of chamber (you'll get the feel or you can put a bolt in just before the chamber).
    • Spray 5 seconds of hairspray into the chamber. Now Close the chamber.
    • Flick the sparker.
    • Watch potato fly through air, yell "This kicks BOOOOOOTY!" and repeat as nessesary until you are out of potatoes, hairspray or both.

      Here is a page where I got this info, There is alot more on this page about Spud Guns