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This is a very fun and exciting game. It has very nice graphics and sound. It is not anything like the previous Kings Quest.I dont really have much to say about this game but know cares because nobudy visits to my web page

Codes To get into password mode you need to type in shift-ctrl-7 all at the same time. Then type in the password where it say password. Then type shif-ctrl-7 again to get back into game mode.Codes kind of take the fun away but if all you like is doing the puzzles and don't want to worry about being killed then go ahead and try these cheats out.

These are the codes you type in.

  • God- makes you invinsible(Don't jump off high places)
  • unGod- turns God mode off.
  • noConCollide- allows you to walk through walls
  • conCollide- turns off walk through walls mode
    The following are items you can get. To get them type in "give" in front of the word.For example, if you wanted a LongSword you would type "give Longsword" Be aware that they are case sensitive and some of these items can cause the game to crash. Weapons
  • Dagger
  • SmallAx
  • BroadSword>
  • Mace
  • LakeSword
  • SkelKingSword
  • BattleAx
  • WarHammer
  • Pike
  • LongSword
  • FlameSword
  • SmCrossbow
  • FlameBow
  • IceCrossBow Armor
  • LeatherGloves
  • LeatherArmor
  • LeatherBoots
  • ChainMailShirt
  • ChainMailGloves
  • ChainMillSuit
  • Platemail
  • BronzePlate
  • FullArmor
  • Helemt
  • TempleArmor
  • GodArmor Health/magic
  • Mushroom
  • SacredWater
  • Crystal
  • ElixerOfLife
  • Clarity
  • Invisible
  • Invulnerable
  • Strength You can get alot of other items somewhere else.