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*LyNN + KriSti sit back 'n chill 2 some cOo* Hanson tuneZ*

QUOTE: "That was absolutely.... insane." - Taylor in reference to one very memorable concert we must all remember seeing on TT&MON

*Sorry about the leave of absence, guys. School's been demanding this year and grades have been of a high priority. Nevertheless, we're back, so expect full-blown updates!*

*Somehow I don't think I'm the only one who walked around school all day looking like an idiot with a big smile plastered across her face after she heard about the latest Hanson album news... or did I just experience an ounce of teenism today? Ack! Let's hope not. Read below for more extensive details on the official news of Hanson's new album.*

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On Jan 19, Hanson made an appearance @ the Teen People Anniversary Party where Taylor announced the official title of their highly anticipated album. It'll be called "This Time Around" and will be released first in Australia on April 17, 2000. However, the rest of the world will have to wait a tad big longer because it'll be released internationally on May 9, 2000.
The first single from their new album will be "This Time Around". Rumors have it that the song is sung with Taylor and Isaac exchanging lead vocals and is a fast-paced edging rock & roll piece and has one heckuva catchy tune! Is your patience wearing thin? =)
In the latest Hanson Hotline message, Isaac mentioned that they are about ready to work on the music VDO for their new single and that the articles of MOE #7 are currently being finished up and should reach your mailboxes in a few weeks time.
In case you're really impatient about the new album, here's a little sneak preview (Don't read the following if you wish for Hanson's new album to be a surprise): According to an email from "Popstar" magazine, they, along with a crowd of other magazine labels, were invited to listen to six new songs from the upcoming Hanson album. Here are some direct quotes from the email:

"5 of the songs were really fast, driving rock songs, and there was 1 ballad."
"The obvious pick hit (to our ears) was "If Only"—it has the sound of one of those songs radio programmers will want to play over and over. It begins with a really bizarre musical hiccupping noise that is so catchy it just might helps make some Hanson hatas into Hanson playas. It's a really romantic song and is a possible single."
"The other possible single is an equally strong ditty called "This Time Around" . This one is really lush and heartfelt, and contains melancholy lyrics..."
The other uptempo titles were "Do You Love Me?" (really driving rock song with Jonny Lang guesting and a defiant edge), "Run Away Run" (this one had a Bryan Adams wail and a short but amazing Zac drum break), "Dying to Be Alive" (really fragile and sweet vocals backed up by Rose Stone and her choir for an orchestral feel)."
"The ballad was a sweet one called "Song to Sing" that was really reminiscent of an old Billy Joel song, complete with extreme piano usage."

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