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The Earth is caught up in an evolutionary pattern, however many writers such as Ralph Epperson and myself are now alleging that this pattern has been circumvented by Secret Societies,whose hidden influence has been to manipulate and control, while at the same time reaping the huge profits and benefits of labor. Lets say that for example, you are a Billionaire and also a member of a Secret Society , next lets assume that a common ordinary citizen invents a device that will render the profits of your Corporation obsolete, lets also say that you made your Billions off of oil and the common citizen invented an eletro-magnetic motor that would run a house or a car for only a few pennies all year. As a Billionaire you call up your fellow Masonic {Lodge Brothers} in the Government and tell them that such an invention would be bad for business, the Goverment responds by confiscating the E-motor and declaring the invention classified thus eliminating any threat to the Billionaire or the Oil industry as a whole. This would mean that instead of alternative energy systems running your house and your car, you would still be driving around in a vechicle that pollutes the air and forces homes by the millions to be locked on the same energy grid thru - Electric and Power companies. In fact it has been alleged that over 5,000 such inventions have been confiscated by the Government and kept off the market, or all funding for new energy projects are simply prohibited. This adds fuel to the theory that the Government is keeping us at a lower energy level and enslaving us under outdated technologies, while at the same time reaping huge profits off the lower technologies. The Government tells it's people that we have an alternative to oil and gas, that alternative being [ Nuclear Energy ]. telling us its safe and will last for a long time, nothing could be farther from the truth. When we were hooked on {coal} and our minors were being killed from Black Lung Disease the Government along with then emerging,Corporate America financed an oil and natural gas co-dependent society. If a child walked into his room with a can of oil and suddenly smeared the oil all over the walls, the rug and the whole house, his parents would quickly be upset. Oil companies are like demonic children whose oily hands have polluted the air, destroyed the environment and stole the land from millions of native peoples, so that the prodution of low energy,pollution oriented systems could continue. When people start to complain the Government says " Lets build more Nuclear Power Plants because their safe and they can be built right in your own backyard. Both of these technologies are lies ; you should know that true energy technologies are kept completely hidden from view. By a Government that has increasingly become(Covert).The Government and the Military ,harbor and control this knowlege and information (which in itself is a crime) (and must be brought to justice) while Corporate America smiles knowing that few will ever stand up to their wealth and power .............. and its, Monopoly is secure.....
That all being said, I would like to borrow a word from John Lennon {Imagine} Imagine if you could living on 2.5 acres of land. Your house is .5 acres big, thats alot of room. Its even bigger because half of it is buried underground reducing considerably the need for heating and cooling,because the Earth is a natural insulator. The 2 remaining acres are used for crops two large geo-desic domes set at the rear of the two acres. These two domes can grow thousand's of fruits and vegetables using a technique called hydroponics. You have enough food to feed yourself and your significant other's without fear of food shortage. Energy comes from a combination of electro-magnetic motors,and or water hydro systems ,cold cell fusion,with < solar and wind> power which also could be thrown in just for fun or used as a primary source. Your community has outlawed property taxes,ie. prop 13 enhanced and home ownership is encouraged because the more homes owned the more extra food produced. The Government not only encourages homeownership they help build and supply the technology for such techno-farms. The surplus food you have grown is brought to the local community and traded with others for goods and services. think about this vision as you drive by $300,000 dollar american homes that are designed to be energy co-dependent to help keep you on the grid and enslaved. Homes that can't grow any food and that litteraly waste every available resource. Go back to my link's page and check out how some Italian reformists live. Yes I am imagining: Im imagining a world that works as opposed to the current class structure and watse system, that we live in. If you feel like I and want to make a contribution to {help get the word out}, or you just feel like talking about this ,then please E-mail me at the address listed below. Togather we can show a little Love and help save our Earth. / co-dependence can only end, when {individual empowerment economics} becomes a reality by alternate thinking and alternate energy: Please reference Ralph Epperson's book, The Unseen Hand or call Ralph at 1-800 422-3888... also refernce John Robinson's (Diet for A New America) The concept of liberating yourself and then helping out your fellow man is central to the concept of Harmony and Freedom, If you ever have doubts about anything on this page I suggest that you ask yourself one simple question, Do you really believe that Corporate America or our present form of Government is in the Business of liberating or increasing " individual freewill?", or making changes to serve its people ? PS. . The following message might shock some of you You should be aware of the following information, that Aids as talked about in my Links section by, Peter Duesberg is not a disease. Aids is a PCD or rather a Population Control Device. The HIV virus is inert it simply floats aruond in your Blood stream like several other inert viruses. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) located in Atlanta GA. along with the FDA, funded research that would show the people that such a virus existed. Anyone who disagreed with this line of research,had thier funding cut, only (approved) research would give them a virus (bad guy)or HIV, Dr. Gallo who discovered the virus was later put up on fraud charges on a seperate incident. The CDC with its newly discovered virus then targeted the Gay population many of them already had weakened immune systems from drugs or thier lifestyle.The CDC took all of these symptoms and said the" Aids Virus "caused them. They then gave them a pill called AZT which had been banned by its creator DR. Jerome Horowitz because it killed all of his laboratory mice .The FDA then approved it for Human consumption and the people with weakened immune systems died. It was equal to giving sick people Rat Poison , The CDC then prescribed DDI and DDC and said take them in conjunction with AZT in a cocktail. DDI and DDC destroyed both Kidney and Liver while AZT was a cellular disrupter. This cocktail left the person with a loss of body wieght and led eventually to death. Peter Duesberg got people off prescribed medications and altered thier lifestyles and they eventually returned to good Health . The Aids lie was actually directed agaisnst the Heterosexual population, it scared them into using Condoms to protect them from a mythical disease which does not exist, Men had been having sexual reltionships with other men for over 6000 years and the only side effect was a sore rump. You do not get Aids you apply for it, you feel out a Sexual History and then your Blood is sent to a CDC controlled Laboratoty . The CDC is run by the EIS Epidemiology Investigative Service they are on the CDC payroll for life They are an intelligence organization, they also work for the Billionaire elite who have a stated goal of population reduction. The real cause behind Aids is Population Reduction. The CDC works in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the U.N. . They have greatly decimated the Population of Africa while giving away millions of dose's of the AZT cocktail and passing out tons of birth control and condoms. Magic Johnson a former NBA star was diagnosed with Aids, Peter Duesberg got ahold of him and had him throw all of his meidcation away, he was then able to enter Professional Basketball again. The CDC who controls all of the testing laboratories then told Magic he had been mis-diagnosed. The CDC a few years later said you can get Aids without the HIV virus , they then said that you could have a latent disease that doesn't show up for up to 15 years. The CDC then changed the symptoms of Aids over 20 times saying that anything from pneumonia to skin blotches can be a dirct sign of Aids. The Government has waged a 70 billion dollar war on Aids , thats a lot of nickels for something they have never been able to cure. Most of this money goes to pharmaceuticals to produce more HIV drugs. If your diagnosed with Aids do nothing, change you lifestyle eat healthy and you will suffer no loss but, do not take any prescribtion medication for Aids , if you do ,you will Die! / Lets not however end on a bad note, Im encouraging people to become vegetarians and start taking Herbal Medicines like (laetril) for Cancer. Im saying be aware of the dangers of your Government and also of your current lifestlye. Im also telling people not to drink tap water which has flouride in it and will age and kill you along with chlorine ,and to develope alternative energy systems this coupled with community sharing and a Energy Free environment will with ; God's help allow us to have long productive lifes. please click on the icon that shows a picture of a door opening then go to this link. Click on the picture of a car running on hydrogen fuel, note its almost non-polluting, constantly available and costs only pennies to make.
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