This picture was taken at my house on New Years Eve '00 right when the countdown began. L-R: Kris, me, Angie, Tony, Nancy, Noelle, Mike, Cindy, and Hoan

This group picture was taken at Cheesecake Cafe during Cindy's birthday party on March 4, 2000.

The gals...

The boyz...

This pic was taken at Chilis during Wendy's birthday party on June 9, 2000. L-R: Wendy, Cindy, Candace, and me.

Wendy's birthday again. L-R: Anita, Wendy, Mike, Noelle, and Cindy.

Yeee-hah! HEre we are just goofing around before heading out to the bar after our dinner at Chilis. L-R: Wendy and Paddy, Cindy and Alex, me and my hunnie, Kristian.

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