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"O, beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty to the right of me
Beauty to the left of me
Beauty above me
Beauty below me
Iím on the pollen path."

~~~ Navaho Creation ~~~

Only the Creator knows where the beginning is.  The Creator had a thought that created Light in the East.  Then the thought went South to create Water, West to create Air, and North to create Pollen from emptiness.  This Pollen became Earth.

Light, air, water, and earth is contained in everything within nature; all of the natural world is interconnected and equal.

All of these elements mixed together, and the first thing created were the Holy People.  These Holy People were given the job and responsibility of teaching what is right and wrong.  Holy people were given the original laws, then they created the earth and human beings.

The Creator with the help of the Holy People created the Natural World.  They created humans, birds, and all of the Natural World was put in Hozjo (Balance).  This Hozjo (harmony, balance, and peace) is dependent on interconnectedness.  All of the Natural World depends on another.  The Navajo say they are glued together with respect, and together they work in harmony.  To the Navajo this present world is the fifth.

The place of emergence into this level was Xajiinai, a hole in the La Plata mountains of SW Colorado.  The Holy People have the power to hurt or help, and centuries ago taught the Dineh how to live in harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the other elements: man, animals, plants, insects.  The Dineh believe that when the ceremonies cease the world will cease.

A Chief of the Desert    A Navajo Matron    A Navajo Maiden

Keepers of Flocks    Rainstorm

Navajo Medicine Men
Hastobiga    Nesaja Hetali
Hastobiga         Nesaja Hetali


One of four sand paintings used in the rights of the Mountain Chant; a nine-day Navajo medicine ceremony.

Sand paintings are beds of sand decorated with mystical designs.  Theyíre made from using pigments ground from rocks, charcoal, root bark, crushed flowers and pollen.  A surrounding figure with an opening in the East (the direction of the rising sun) is placed inside the sand painting so the new spirit can pour in.  Cosmic images are also placed within them to represent the forces of the spiritual powers that operate in our lives.

~~Little Wind~~

A Navajo myth passed down to my brother and me from our father was about a big fly that will sometimes fly down and sit on your shoulder when youíre walking in the desert.  He is known as Big Fly or Little Wind.  Little Wind whispers to the young heroes the answers to all the questions that their fathers put to them when they are being tested.  Little Wind is the voice of the Holy Spirit revealing hidden wisdom.

May the Spirit of Father Sky caress and guide the Eagle that soars within you.

~Ayor Anosh'ni~


~whisper softly ciao baby~

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