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Daryn's Movie/TV List

* = taped off of television or copied somehow

    Absolution *
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
    After Hours
    Alice in Wonderland ('99 TV)
    The Alien Legacy (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Ressurrection)
    American Beauty [the awards edition]
    American Pop
    American Psycho
    And Now For Something Completely Different
    Army of Darkness
    The Ballad of Little Jo
    Being John Malkovich
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure *
    The Black Cauldron
    Boiler Room
    Boys Don't Cry
    The Brandon Teena Story
    The Bride
    Broken Hearts Club
    The Cell
    The Celluloid Closet
    Chaplin *
    City Lights
    Con Air
    The Crimson Rivers
    Crossing the Bridge *
    The Crow *
    The Crow: City of Angels
    The Crying Game
    Dark Harbor
    Dead Man
    The Devil's Arithmetic
    The Devil's Backbone
    Dick Tracy
    Drawing Flies
    Frank Herbert's Dune
    Earth Girls Are Easy
    Edward Scissorhands
    Empire of the Sun
    The End of the Affair
    Event Horizon
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
    Fahrenheit 451
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Fierce Creatures
    A Fish Called Wanda
    The Fugitive
    The Full Monty
    Gallowglass (BBC Production)
    Gas, Food, Lodging
    Ghost World
    Girl, Interrupted
    Gods and Monsters
    The Gold Rush
    The Goonies
    The Green Mile
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    Heat of the Sun (PBS Program) *
    Heavy Metal
    Hellraiser IV: Bloodlines
    High Fidelity
    Highlander End Game
    The Hobbit
    How to Irritate People
    In & Out
    Interview With the Vampire
    Iron Will
    The Januray Man
    Joey Breaker
    Judas Kiss
    Jurassic Park
    Killer Net (Miniseries) *
    Kramer Vs. Kramer
    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells
    Lolita (Showtime)
    Lone Star
    Lord of the Flies (newer)
    Lord of the Rings (animated)
    Lost Boys
    Lost in Space
    The Mists of Avalon *
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Monty Python's The Life of Brain
    Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
    Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
    Moulin Rouge
    My Best Friend Is a Vampire
    Mystery Men
    October Sky
    The Odd Job
    Of Mice and Men
    The Omen
    Other People's Money
    The Outsiders
    Oxford Blues *
    Parrot Sketch Not Included [Monty Python]
    Peter's Friends
    Pitch Black
    The Power of One
    The Professional
    Queen of the Damned
    Reckless (PBS Program) *
    Reckless: The Sequel *
    Red Dragon
    Repo Man
    Reservoir Dogs
    Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    Robin Hood: Prince of Theives
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Rosary Murders
    Run, Lola, Run
    Sabertooth *
    Scum *
    The Secret of NIMH
    Secret Policman's Private Parts
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Shooting Fish
    The Silence of the Lambs
    Sleeping Beauty
    Sleepy Hollow
    Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming *
    Stand By Me
    Stephen King's IT
    Stephen King's The Shining
    Terror Firmer (R-rated)
    Time Bandits
    This is Spinal Tap
    Top Secret
    Track 29
    Velvet Goldmine
    War of the Buttons
    Wayne's World
    Welcome To The Dollhouse
    Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    X2: X-Men United
    Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture

TV Shows on Tape

    ** 244 episodes of M*A*S*H on 38 tapes or so
    ** Monty Python's Flying Circus, entire series (A&E box sets 1 - 7)
    ** 'Life of Python' boxed set with documentaries and lost German episode!
    ** Babylon 5, 9+ tapes
    ** Quantum Leap, 13+ tapes
    ** The Outer Limits 2000 Emmy video with 'Down to Earth'
    ** 20+ Whose Line and related videos including: the 2000 TV Guide Awards, Greg on Donny & Marie, Colin on Martin Short, Wayne on Martin Short, DCS episode 'Drew Live', Wayne on Rosie O'Donnell, Wayne on Hollywood Squares, DCS episode 'She's Gotta Have it', Greg on Talk Soup, Brad Sherwood on LA Law, Greg Proops on Celebrity Rock'n'Roll Jeopardy, Comedy Central Presents Greg Proops, Greg on 3rd Rock From the Sun, The Cast of Drew Carey on Rosie O'Donnell, 2000 Disney Xmas Special, Brad on Kilborn, Ryan on Mad TV 'The Tape', first two episodes of The Downer Channel, and more
    ** The Wayne Brady Show [pilot, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, ]
    ** God, the Devil and Bob [the 4 eps that aired], plus Ani Difranco on the Late Show
    ** Tape with X-Files, Futurama, John Lydon on Politically Incorrect, Philip Seymour Hoffman on Rosie O'Donnell with John C. Reilly, Eric Idle on Kilborn
    ** Rotten Television [Fakes and Frauds, Hooray for Hollywood]
    ** Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure [eps 1-4], plus ep of DCS 'Mr. Louder's Birthday Party'
    ** Futurama tape [with BBC Whose Line, Philip Seymour Hoffman on Inside the Actors Studio, and my Alia videos]
    ** 'Murder Rooms', both installments, plus Philip Seymour Hoffman on Charlie Rose, and my Alia videos
    ** Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See, Doggy Do
    ** Volume 2 of Michael Palin's Pole to Pole
    ** Mike Myers: Best of SNL
    ** Inspector Gadget (cartoon): Magic Gadget
    ** Tapes 1-8 of 8 of Talespin
    ** Two tapes with 7 episodes of WBs show Three
    ** Tape with the pilot episode of the WBs show Three
    ** Two tapes with 12 episodes of The Outsiders TV Show
    ** Tape with The Outsiders TV Pilot episode and deleted scenes from the film
    ** Tape with 4 original episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
    ** Darkwing Duck 'Comic Book Capers'
    ** DuckTales 'Accidental Adventures' and 'DareDevil Ducks'
    ** Peter Pan and the Pirates 'Hooks Deadly Game Part 1', 'Hooks Deadly Game Part 2', 'The Demise of Hook' and 'Ghost Ship'
    ** 12+ episodes of Histeria
    ** Tape full of random episodes of The X-Files
    ** Tape with Futurama and SNL 25 Year Special
    ** Powerpuff Girls Tape
    ** 12 episodes of Dexter's Laboratory
    ** Ripping Yarns Video

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