Once upon a time, I said to myself, 'Self.. wouldn't it kick ass if i could slowly work my way through the video store and eventually see every movie ever made and never again have to be razzed by people who are incredulous at the idea that i am majoring in film and haven't seen one or another certain film...' So then I found this local Santa Cruz video rental store that has an everyday, 5 movies for 5 days, for 5 dollars deal. and i thought to myself, 'Self, this is your chance!' and so i have been renting five movies for five days for five dollars for a while now, in an effort to see more and more films! Of course there have been other films that I've seen here not included on this list, like A Life Less Ordinary, Say Anything, Love Story, Fight Club, Bullets Over Broadway, and everything I've seen for film class. but anyway, here is my schedule.......



Winter/Spring Count Total: 90

June 4

    * Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
    * Dead Ringers
    * Marathon Man
    * Alien Ressurection
    * Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street

May 31

    * Lonesome Dove Part 2
    * Lonesome Dove Part 3
    * Lonesome Dove Part 4
    * Titus
    * Alien 3
    * Dick Tracy
    * Lenny
    * A Time to Kill
    * Thousand Pieces of Gold
    * Groundhog Day

May 23

    * Evil Dead
    * Lonesome Dove Part 1
    * Ishtar
    * Trees Lounge
    * The Crying Game

May 18

    * Shine
    * Papillon
    * Aliens
    * Twelfth Night (1996)
    * Matewan

May 9

    * Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    * Sling Blade
    * Lone Star
    * Diner
    * Little Big Man

May 4

    * Tootsie
    * Pi
    * The Abyss
    * Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    * A Streetcar Named Desire -- Defective, was not able to watch.

April 25

    * Lolita (Kubrick)
    * Full Metal Jacket
    * Chinatown
    * Living in Oblivion
    * The Man Who Fell to Earth

April 20

    * Army of Darkness
    * A Night in Casablanca
    * Hot Shots
    * The Fisher King
    * Kramer vs. Kramer

April 11

    * American History X
    * Alien
    * Desperado
    * The Hudsucker Proxy
    * Lost Highway

April 6

    * Evil Dead II
    * Pulp Fiction
    * Imposters
    * Canadian Bacon
    * LA Confidential

March 22

    * Room Service
    * The Little Prince
    * The Edge
    * Natural Born Killers
    * Kalifornia
    * The Usual Suspects
    * Midnight Cowboy
    * Jabberwocky
    * Blue Velvet
    * Poltergeist

February 7

    * A Day at the Races
    * All Over Me
    * Seven
    * Psycho
    * The Professional

February 2

    * Monkey Business
    * Chasing Amy
    * Bram Stoker's Dracula
    * The Zero Effect
    * Apocolypse Now

January 23

    * The Big Lebowski
    * The Full Monty
    * The Coconuts
    * The Shining
    * Dune

January 18

    * This is Spinal Tap
    * Horse Feathers
    * Harold and Maude
    * Tuck Everlasting
    * Brazil

January 13

    * The Cowboy Way
    * Top Secret
    * Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
    * One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    * A Night at the Opera

Summer 2001 Movie List


    Shrek, Moulin Rouge, Billy Elliot, Cast Away, Finding Forrester, Mad Max, Titan A.E., Mystery Alaska, Legends of the Fall, Lawrence of Arabia, Stagecoach, Muppets From Space, Charade, Bicentennial Man, Fantasia 2000, The Iron Giant, The Cheap Detective, Top Gun, The Phantom of the Opera [Chaney], batteries not included, The Dark Crystal, State and Main, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Scent of a Woman, When A Man Loves a Woman, Planet of the Apes [old], Life is Beautiful, The Horse Whisperer, As Good As it Gets, Princess Mononoke, Fairytale: A True Story, Frank Herbert's Dune, Sphere, Passenger 57, When Harry Met Sally, Face/Off, Soldier, Miss Congeniality, Good Monring Vietnam, Murder at 1600, In and Out, Meet the Parents, Street Fighter, Snatch, The Game, Remember the Titans, U-571, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Coyote Ugly, Heat, Sleepers, Mists of Avalon, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, From Russia With Love, Sliding Doors, Goldfinger, The River Wild, Thunderball, Enemy of the State, Highlander, Unbreakable, The Living Daylights, Deep Impact, Final Fantasy the Spirits Within, Planet of the Apes [new], Jurassic Park 3, The Graduate, Black Rain, Gorillas in the Mist, Captain Ron, Mrs. Brown, The Slipper and the Rose, Batman, Batman Returns, 48 Hrs, The Music Man, A River Runs Through It, Ghost, Unforgiven, The Big Chill, Wall Street, The Others, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Moonlight and Valentino, A Few Good Men, Circle of Friends, Dirty Harry, The American President, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Green Mile, American Pie, and one more that I know I saw but can't remember what it was.

Summer Count Total -- 92



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