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Daryn's Music List

+ = on tape
* = on CD

    *ani difranco - ani difranco
    *ani difranco - not so soft
    *ani difranco - like i said
    *ani difranco - imperfectly
    *ani difranco - puddle dive
    *ani difranco - out of range
    *ani difranco - not a pretty girl
    *ani difranco - dilate
    *ani difranco - living in clip
    *ani difranco - little plastic castle
    *ani difranco - up up up up up up
    *ani difranco - to the teeth
    *ani difranco - more joy, less shame
    *ani difranco - swing set
    *alanis morrisette - jagged little pill
    *tori amos - under the pink
    *tori amos - little earthquakes
    *bob dylan - the essential bob dylan
    *bon jovi - slippery when wet
    *bon jovi - one wild night: live
    *boomtown rats - greatest hits
    *bush - razorblade suitcase
    *bush - sixteen stone
    *chapman, graham - a sixpack of lies
    ++chapman, graham - a liar's autobiography [audio book]
    *clash - combat rock
    *clash - london calling
    *cranberries - everyone else is doing it so why can't we?
    *cranberries - no need to argue
    *the cure - galore
    *the cure - staring at the sea
    *dar williams - the end of the summer
    *dar williams - the green world
    *dar williams - the honesty room
    *david bowie - low
    *david bowie - hunky dory
    ++david bowie - david live
    *david bowie - the man who sold the world
    *david bowie - the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
    +david bowie - low
    +david bowie - station to station
    *david bowie - young americans
    +david bowie - scary monsters
    *david bowie - outside
    *david bowie - EART HL I NG
    *david bowie - hours...
    *david bowie - changesbowie
    *david bowie - best of 1969-1974 limited edition
    *david bowie - 'thursday's child' single
    *david bowie - 'afraid of americans' single
    *depeche mode - music for the masses
    *depeche mode - songs of faith and devotion
    *depeche mode - violator
    *descendants - milo goes to college
    *eric idle - eric idle sings monty python
    *everclear - sparkle and fade
    +foo fighters - the color and the shape
    *garbage - garbage
    *gin blossoms - new miserable experience
    *goo goo dolls - a boy named goo
    *john lydon - psycho's path
    *john lydon - "sun" remix single
    *kansas - the best of kansas
    *korn - korn
    *L7 - hungry for stink
    *led zeppelin - houses of the holy
    *led zeppelin - zoso
    *live - throwing copper
    *loreena mckennitt - book of secrets
    *metallica - metallica
    *metallica - 'the memory remains' single
    *michael jackson - bad (special edition)
    *moby - play
    *monty python - 'spam' and 'lumberjack'
    *monty python - contractual obligation
    *monty python - live at city center
    *monty python - the instant record collection
    **monty python - the final rip-off
    *monty python - matching tie and hankercheif
    *natalie merchant - tigerlily
    *neil young - harvest
    *neil young and crazy horse - sleeps with angels
    *nine inch nails - the downward spiral
    *nirvana - nirvana
    *nirvana - nevermind
    *nirvana - in utero
    *nirvana - incesticide
    *nirvana - unplugged in ny
    *nirvana - from the muddy banks of the wishkah
    *nirvana - 'all apologies/rape me' single
    *nirvana - 'lithium' single
    *nirvana - 'in bloom' single
    *nirvana - 'smells like teen spirit' single
    *nirvana - 'heart shaped box' single
    *oasis - what's the story (morning glory)
    *our lady peace - clumsy
    *ozzy osbourne - the ozzman cometh
    *phantom planet - is missing [autographed by jason schwartzman]
    +portishead - dummy
    *portishead - portishead
    *portishead - live in roseland, nyc
    +prodigy - fat of the land
    *public image limited (pil) - first issue
    *public image limited (pil) - second edition
    *public image limited (pil) - paris in the spring
    *public image limited (pil) - flowers of romance
    *public image limited (pil) - this is what you want, this is what you get
    *public image limited (pil) - live in tokyo
    *public image limited (pil) - compact disc
    *public image limited (pil) - happy
    *public image limited (pil) - 9
    *public image limited (pil) - the greatest hits, so far
    *public image limited (pil) - that what is not
    *public image limited (pil) - 'this is not a love song' single
    *public image limited (pil) - plastic box
    *public image limited (pil) - that what is metal [promo]
    *public image limited (pil) - 'don't ask me' promo single
    *public image limited (pil) - 'acid drops' promo single
    *public image limited (pil) - 'the order of death' blair witch promo single
    *radiohead - the bends
    *queen - greatest hits
    +queen - live at wembley '86
    *sex pistols - never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols
    *sex pistols - the great rock'n'roll swindle
    *sex pistols - filthy lucre live
    *sex pistols - live anarchy
    *sex pistols - original pistols live
    *sex pistols - pirates of destiny
    *sex pistols - 'pretty vacant' live single
    *sex pistols - raw
    *sex pistols - the swindle continues
    *sex pistols - wanted: the goodman tapes
    *sid vicious - never mind the reunion here's sid vicious
    *silverchair - frogstomp
    *simon and garfunkel - parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
    *simon and garfunkel - the sounds of silence
    +sonic youth - schitzophrenia
    *sonic youth - washing machine
    *stabbing westward - wither, blister, burn and peel
    *tom petty and the heartbreakers - greatest hits
    *tom petty and the heartbreakers - let me up (i've had enough)
    *tool - undertow
    *tripping daisy - i am an elastic firecracker
    *verve pipe - villians
    *violent femmes - violent femmes
    *wallflowers - bringing down the horse


    -a mighty wind
    -ace ventura: pet detective
    -the album of the soundtrack of the trailer of the film of monty python and the holy grail
    -the breakfast club
    -the crow
    -the drew carey show
    -dumb and dumber
    -empire of the sun
    -empire records
    -four rooms
    -lock, stock, and two smoking barrels
    -lolita (showtime)
    -the lost boys
    -lost highway
    -lost in space
    -the mask
    -monty python's life of brian
    -monty python's the meaning of life
    -moulin rouge
    -peter's friends
    -point break
    -the power of one
    -queen of the damned
    -red dragon
    -reservoir dogs
    -the rocky horror picture show
    -the saint
    -the three musketeers
    -veggietunes (songs from veggie tales)
    -veggietunes 2
    -wayne's world
    -wayne's world 2
    -the wedding singer
    -more music from the wedding singer
    -welcome to the dollhouse
    -white man's burden

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