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Les Descendants des Fréchette

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History of the association

The association Les Descendants des Fréchette inc. was set up on the 14th of April 1991, in Drummondville. Our founding president was André Fréchette, who has been the president for the first 5 years. Almost 200 persons are members of the association.

Many events have taken place every year, a great meeting, usually in summer (every year for the first 10 years and every 2nd year after the 10th anniversary), and some regional events. A trip to France was organized in May 1996.


Members of the Board 2010-2011:


The newsletter "La Voix des Fréchette", first published in 1991, is distributed 3 times/year. It contains a mine of informations on our ancestors and our cousins. It also presents many chronicles of interest, etc. To reach the editor, please send a message to Marcelle Hébert-Fréchette, editor of the newsletter.


The genealogy committee has already collected 10 178 Fréchette marriages and unions records in its database. Our genealogical dictionary (1997) presented the data collected up to that time and Les Fréchette d'Amérique is a complete reedition with its two volumes (2006).

Do you know the name and history of your first ancestor who came in New-France? May-be was he François Freschet (or Frichet, 1677), from Ile de Ré, Diocèse de La Rochelle, Aunis, a great explorer, or his cousin Jacques Frichet (1697), from Saint-Hilaire du Vix, bourg Devrie, Diocèse de Luçon, Poitou, soldier and miller. May-be was he Jean-Baptiste Sécheret (1730), from Normandy. May-be was he Jean Côté (1635), from the Perche, (Côté dit Fréchette). May-be finally was he Yves Phlem dit Yvon le Breton, from Morlaix in Brittany (Hivon dit Fréchette). Pierre Frichet, from Mazières, Diocèse de Poitiers, Poitou, was the first who came from Poitou (1658), but did not perpetuate his name.

The former French provinces of Aunis and Poitou, except Vendée (Pierre and François Frichet)

The Vendée (former Poitou), Diocese of Luçon, north of La Rochelle (Jacques Frichet)

The Normandy (Jean Côté and Jean-Baptiste Sécheret)

The Brittany (Yves Phlem dit Yvon le Breton)


The coat of arms of "Les Descendants des Fréchette" underlines various stages of our ancestors' trip to America. Our motto, "A NAME - A PRIDE", is also affixed at the bottom of the coat of arms.

Louis-Honoré Fréchette (1839-1908), prestigious figure of the Fréchette of America, poet and politician

Our national poet, Louis Fréchette, was born in Lévis on November 16th, 1839. He accepted the first name of Louis-Honoré at his confirmation in 1849, first name that he will keep until the 40ies. Exceptionally talented student, having more attraction for poetry than for the studies, he had to attend three schools in Québec and be expelled from home by his father to complete finally his classical studies. He entered the bar of Québec in 1864. Two years later, he exiled in Chicago during nearly five years; some believe that it would have been made mandatory because he would have been caught with a fenian spy following a visit of military installations in Québec, others believe that while identifying himself to Victor Hugo (that he will later meet in Paris), the writer he was, just like Hugo, had to live an exile. He was very active in Chicago, where he wrote "La Voix d'un exilé". Aristocrat and proud of his origins, he wished the unification of the French race on this continent. Journalist, he published from 1871 to 1903 in the "Patrie" and the liberal newspapers of Montréal and Québec. He took part in five keen electoral races and was elected federal M.P. of Lévis from 1874 to 1878. He got married with Emma Beaudry on July 10th, 1876 in Montréal, and was the father of five children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. None of his grandchildren will bear the Fréchette patronym.

In his poetries, Louis Fréchette appears a pleasant companion and a good and affectionate father. His books "Les fleurs boréales" and "Les oiseaux de neige" were crowned by the French Academy in 1880. One knows his essays "Mémoires intimes", "Originaux et détraqués" and "La légende d'un peuple". A decree of the French government conferred to him in 1891 the "Croix de chevalier de la Légion d'honneur". He met the aristocracy in England and France where two of his daughters have studied. In 1897, the Queen of England grants to him the rank of "Compagnon de l'Ordre de Saint-Michel et Saint-Georges". He was only 68 years old when he died suddenly in Montréal on May 31st, 1908.

The following links will lead to various informations on Louis Fréchette : His immense opus' listing.

References to some of his publications or texts bearing on Fréchette (look for Louis Fréchette in the 'onomastique' section).

Emma Fréchette (born Beaudry) bust, by Louis-Philippe Hébert, collection of the Fine-arts Museum of Canada.

Louis Fréchette bust, by Louis-Philippe Hébert, collection of the Fine-arts Museum of Canada.

The summer reunions

The recent events

Fédération des familles-souches du Québec

Our association is a member of the Fédération des familles-souches du Québec since its beginnings in 1991. The Fédération has a membership of more than 25,000 members in more than 180 family associations.


Every person originating from the Fréchette ancestors (Freschet, Frichet, Sécheret, Côté dit Fréchette, Hivon dit Fréchette) in direct line, through alliance or adoption, may become member. Get or renew your membership using this form.