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Here are some of my favorite links

Angelfire, free and easy homepages

White Eagle, this place has the most beautiful windsocks, and other wind toys. I guarantee that you will like them if enjoy cheerful and gorgeous colors.

Dancing Dragons another great place with some really cool stuff (which happens to be located in my hometown).

All things hippy

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Page

Ultimate Band List

The Celtic Connection, a great online store and information site.

Witch’s Brew, all kinds of great information here.

Herbal Encyclopedia

Annikin Divination Systems, this place has a ton of Tarot Spreads and some great free email services.

Wicce’s Tarot Collection

Music for a New Age

Gaelic Dictionaries, you never know when you may need one

TWINSource, a page with a lot of information about twins

Unofficial Flintstone's page

Jelane's free web graphics, there are some really nice graphics here. This is where I found my home button at the bottom of this page

Four11, internet white pages

HotMail, free web based e-mail