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My Angels
These are my Angels(?).

Mal and Ande

This is my oldest (by a whole minute) and she is every bit the big sister. This is Maloree


And this is the baby, my petite one, Andrea


People tend to think that having twins is a lot of work, but I think kids are a lot of work period. We feel very fortunate to have them, they entertain each other very well but they also fight very well. They mind wonderfully (more so for people other than their parents, but that is natural!)and they are pretty easygoing for 6 year olds. It is amazing to watch them grow because they are my kids but also because they are identical twins, how two kids with the same genes can be so different is truly amazing. Well, I guess I have gone on enough, for now. Take care and thanks for caring enough to stop in and take a look.