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Jo's Poems

That Morning
That morning the sun shone
It was a morning much like the others
I felt completely alone
I lay sprawled above my covers

That morning I fell out of bed

Then stumbled to the sill
My kitten waiting to be fed
Rubbed against my heel

That morning after I had dressed and showered

I stepped out into the morning air
My kitten beside me cowered
For there was a sight very rare

That morning as I stood and stared

The sky turned red with anger
A hot wind blew and the sky flared
My whole body sensed danger

That morning the sky exploded

No creature was left alive
That morning the sun imploded
That morning I died~

The Rain

So long, farewell, all hope is gone
You see without seeing me at all
Your face is ashen
As the rain
Falling without joy or pain
What good are you to me
When all happiness from you flees
Like children from a storm
Under the bed to hide
Safe and warm
You need me not
For pleasure or pain
I was never the one you sought
To take refuge from the rain~

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