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Bronica 57 x 1 mm Reversing Ring Information Page

Bronica 57 x 1 mm Reversing Information Page

See how I used my Bronica Adapter Cap.

Status: Sold out. There are no plans to make any more at this time. The following is just FYI.

This is a short threaded tube used to reverse mount a lens (using its filter threads) onto the Bronica 57x1mm threaded mount. Lenses are usually reverse mounted when magnifications are greater than 1:1 because the lens will perform better when reversed.

This adapter has the 57mm diameter by 1mm pitch threads at one end and standard 58mm filter threads (58mm dia x 0.75mm pitch) at the other. Using your own step up or step down rings you can mount lenses with other size filter threads.

Photo shows reversing ring adapter laying on top of the Type 1 cap adapter (not included).

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