Cabin Battery Pack
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Cabin Battery Pack

Warning: Do not attempt to charge this type of (switchable) nicad pack with a quick charger. Quick chargers for batteries (rather than cells) depend on all cells in the battery being at basically the same level of discharge. With my pack design the top cell is less discharged if you have used the 4.8V setting. Thus a quick charger will overcharge the top cell damaging it, possibly causing leakage. My trickle charge approach avoids this problem because even fully chaged cells can withstand a C/10 current (95 mA for a 950 mAh cell) indefinitely without damage. Thus the top cell will not be damaged even if still fully charged when the bottom four are fully depleted, and then charged.

Expected battery life is 2.1 hours on the bright setting (6V) and 3.6 hours on the dimmer setting (4.8V).

I plan to run the Light Panel off of the internal AAAs if I need to use it while the battery pack is charging or when I want to travel light.

I plan to stick the pack to the bottom of the Light Panel (the rear when mounted on my viewer) with velcro rather than have a long cable to the pack like I did with my old 4 C-cell pack.

Here is a (intentional retinal rivalry) stereo photo I took of my viewer with the 5 AA nicad pack I had made up ($25 CDN). I haven't added the charging jack yet. I will also probably heatshrink the wires to make them neater.

Click here for larger x-eyed view.

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