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**I've decided to start a page of quotes from EvD. I just added 3 more quotes so enjoy!

"In a girl I look for: a girl who is true to herself, can be herself when with me, is fun to be around and can get ready for a date in no more than 15 minutes!"

"Go Libras!"((including me, I'm a libra!))

"I stated snowboarding last year. Before that I used to ski. But let me just say snowboarding ROCKS!"

"There are a lot of issues out there for teens. The sad thing is some teens aren't able to communicate with their parents. I can talk to my mom about just about anything, but a lot of kids' parents don't play a big role in their lives."

"I was on Days Of Our Lives for two years. That's where I learned all about acting. It was tough! I was working long hours six days a week, plus three hours of school. But I loved being on set."-Erik von Detten