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GS-0132-13/Step 1

5902 Mt Eagle Drive, Apt 309

Alexandria, VA 22303

Home (703) 317-7964

Office (703) 681-4706


A position utilizing my extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS, ARMS CONTROL PLANNING or QUALITY MANAGEMENT


Current TOP SECRET SCI (Update: 07 Aug 95)


Since July 1996, I have been responsible for providing senior Air Force leadership with all relevant information regarding political and security issues in Russia and the other fourteen Soviet successor states. In this capacity, I have been responsible for the analysis, production and quality control of all-source intelligence reports and briefings, and the intelligence annexes of Air Force operation guidance and plans.


European and Eurasian political-military intelligence analyst for USAF within the DOD and National Intelligence communities. Wrote all-source messages/articles/estimates and briefed senior military and civilian defense leaders at the Pentagon about political-military affairs in European and Eurasian countries. Provided TDY support to United States Defense Attaché Office reporting to the Air Attaché. Extensive National and Major Command Arms Control and Indications and Warning experience. Theater Opposing Force trainer. Total Quality Management Advisor and Instructor. Experience with DEC-10 mainframe and networked computer systems such as Unix and Windows NT platforms with the latest web browser, word processor, slide presentation, spreadsheet, e-mail, database and message handling (e.g. Anchory, NICOLE, SAFE and AMHS) programs.


Over eight years providing direct intelligence support to the Chief of Staff and Secretary, USAF; coordinated tasking, assigned priorities to maximize productivity, scheduled man-hours and tasking, analyzed progress and prepared both oral and written progress reports. Two years managing multimillion-dollar programs at major command level


Over eight years researching, writing and presenting all-source intelligence reports for the national intelligence community, and the Air Force political and military staffs

Represented USAF in executive branch interagency meetings within the national Intelligence Community and served as staff officer for National Intelligence Estimates prepared for the President of the United States in conjunction with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department and the other armed services

Regularly presented briefings to the Air Force Secretary, Undersecretary, Commander, Vice-commander, and senior military and political staffs


Writer-Editor of first USAF CFE Compliance Plan for on-site inspection of USAFE air bases


Developed lesson plans and taught group personnel in diagnosis and improvement of production processes, customer satisfaction and organizational climate

Developed lesson plans, coordinated presentations, briefed and led on-site inspection training at CFE training sessions for representatives of over 100 USAF installations

Supervised classified current intelligence training and briefings for over 10,000 annual visitors from NATO and major command US combat units and staffs


Civilian Experience (GS-12 to GS-13):

Acting Chief and Senior Analyst, Russia and Eurasia Branch, National Air Intelligence Center, Washington DC, 1996 - Present

Provide USAF military and political leaders and staff with military, political, and economic assessments, written and oral analysis, on Russia and the other fourteen newly independent republics; and briefs senior leadership on analysis

Quality Air Force Advisor, 497th Intelligence Group, Bolling AFB, DC, 1995-1996

Served as subject-matter expert and advisor to Commander and three directors serving as unit Quality Council on all implementation aspects of Quality Air Force (QAF) programs. Worked with 497 IG directorates/divisions with at least 343 personnel in diagnosis and improvement of production processes, customer satisfaction and organizational climate.

Reserve Military Experience (Capt to Maj):

Air Force Reserve Program Manager, National Security Agency, Ft Meade, MD, 1997 - Present

Produce a broad range of military-political intelligence research, analysis and reporting from SIGINT in various languages to US/allied policymakers and commanders essential to military planning and aerospace operations.

Air Force Reserve Intelligence Watch Officer, National Air Intelligence Center Representative to the National Military Joint Intelligence Center (DIA), Pentagon, Washington DC, 1996-1997

Collected, processed, analyzed and reported worldwide all-source intelligence in support of global, tactical and strategic forces to the Air Force Director of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AF/XOI). Supported the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Intelligence Agency Director.

Break in military service: 1995-1996

Active Duty Military Experience (2Lt to Capt):

Quality Air Force Coordinator/Master Instructor/Facilitator, Directorate of Intelligence Analysis, National Air Intelligence Center, Pentagon, Washington DC, 1994 - 1995

Coordinated with NAIC Quality Directorate (NAIC/QI) to ensure NAIC/IA directorate was in compliance with AIA QAF directives. Primarily responsible for training plans for at least 144 people.

European Politico-Military Analyst, 497th Intelligence Group, Global Analysis Division, Pentagon, Washington DC, 1993-1994

Provided USAF military and political leaders and staff with military, political, and economic assessments, written and oral analysis, on CSCE, EU, EFTA, PFP, NATO and WEU and briefed senior leadership.

Arms Control Analyst, International Negotiations Division, Air Force Intelligence Support Agency, Pentagon, Washington DC, 1991-1993

Responsible for all substantive conventional arms control matters, treaty negotiations and backstopping in support of the U.S. National Security Council interagency process. Represented Air Force Intelligence in Intelligence Community arms control working groups at the Arms Control Intelligence Staff Treaty Monitoring Center.

Chief, Arms Control Branch, Directorate of Plans and Programs, Headquarters, United States Air Forces in Europe, Ramstein AB, Germany, 1988-1991

Supported HQ USEUCOM/JCS-J5 at the High Level Task Force, HQ NATO, Brussels, Belgium and the US Mission CFE/CSBM at the talks in Vienna, Austria. Organized HQ USAFE staff on initial CFE force reduction proposal. Supervised decentralizing $100 million in Wartime Host Nation Support to Numbered Air Forces.

Chief, Training Operations, Directorate of Operational Intelligence, USAFE Threat Training Facility, Einsiederhof AS, Germany, 1986-1988

Supervised classified current intelligence training and briefings for over 10,000 annual visitors from NATO and US combat units and staffs. Negotiated $8,000,000 international agreement on foreign material between HQ USAFE and West German Ministry of Defense Procurement Office. Supervised $300,000 building upgrade.

Air Defense Analyst, Directorate of Operational Intelligence, 7450th Tactical Intelligence Squadron, Ramstein AB, Germany, 1986

Prepared special studies, threat assessments and briefings for US and NATO commanders and staffs, on Soviet/Warsaw Pact ground based air defense combat capabilities, training, equipment, tactical employment

Chief, Reports and Analysis, and Assistant Team Chief, Indications and Warning Division, USAFE Tactical Fusion Center, Boerfink MTK, Germany, 1984-1986

Supervised report section on the production of two daily all-source intelligence reports transmitted worldwide to operational US and NATO units on Soviet/Warsaw Pact exercises, training activities, force deployments and aerial reconnaissance. Assisted in the management, supervision, training and scheduling of a six-person indication and warning watch team providing fused all-source intelligence to CINCUSAFE/COMAAFCE, and USNATO command and control centers in Central Europe and CONUS.


Political Aide to Herr Klaus Daweke, Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Member of the West German Federal Parliament, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science and Deputy Member of the Committee on Defense, Sep 1982- Mar 1983

Responsible for preparing reports on education, science and defense issues for committee and plenary meetings of the West German Federal Parliament and correspondence for electoral district. Wrote newspaper byline for the official publication Das Parliament.


Academic Education:

Master of Arts in National Security Studies (Concentration on Russia/Eurasia), Georgetown University, Washington DC, 1993; Conducted limited research at Moscow Military History Institute 1993 

Bachelor of Arts in German Literature, University of California, Berkeley, California 1982

Attended political science and history courses at the University of Bonn and intensive prepatory West German Federal Parliament internship course at the University of Trier, all sponsored by Clark University, Worchester, Massachusetts 1982. Graduated from University of Vienna Summer School of International Relations and Social Science in 1982. Attended University of Salzburg Summer School in 1981

Associate of Arts in Business Administration 1978 and Certificate in Mainframe Computer Operations 1980, San Joaquin Delta Community College, Stockton, California

After graduating from high school in 1975, attended college level German language courses for foreign students at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg while working at a German building supply firm and on a family farm one year. Worked in delivery and billing departments in wholesale pharmaceutical drug distribution company during break in undergraduate education 1978-1979.

Professional Education:

USAF Intelligence Career Program - Challenge of Leadership Course - 1999

USAF Air Command and Staff College (Seminar) - Aerospace Studies, Officership and Joint Operations - 1999

CIA Office of Training and Education - Realities of Russia and the New States Course - 1999

USAF Special Operations School - Revolutionary Warfare Course - 1998

USDA Graduate School - Russian Language Course - 1997

USAF Quality Institute - Master Instructor/Facilitator Course - 1994

Defense Intelligence College - START/INF/CFE/CSBM On-Site Inspector Courses - 1986 - 1991

USAF Squadron Officer School (Residence and Correspondence)- Aerospace Studies, Officership and Management Courses - 1988

West German Armed Forces Intelligence School - Intelligence Officer Course - 1987

Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center - Intelligence Officer Course - 1984

USAF Reserve Officer Training Corps - Aerospace Studies, Officership and Management Courses - 1982

Language Training:

Scored 122 (of 164) on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery - 1988

Russian - 1997 (3 mon)

German - 1975-83 (7 yrs) 


Civilian Recognition:

Department of the Air Force Civilian Performance Awards - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

National Air Intelligence Center Director of Intelligence Excellence Award - 1998

Assistant Chief of Staff/Intelligence Capitol Team Civilian Manager of the Quarter (Oct - Dec 1996)

National Air Intelligence Center Director of Intelligence Assessments Civilian Manager of the Quarter (Oct - Dec 1996)

497th Intelligence Group Commander's Team Player Award - 1996

Vice Presidential National Performance Review Award 497 Intelligence Group Total Quality Management Program - 1995

Military Recognition:

Promoted to the rank of major in the United States Air Force Reserve (48% selection rate) with a date of rank of 1 Oct 1998

Air Force Meritorious Service Medal - Apr 1995

Air Force Commendation Medal (Two oak leaf clusters) - Apr 1991, Jul 1988, Mar 1986

Department of Defense National Defense Medal - Jul 1990

Air Force Long Tour Overseas Medal (Two oak leaf clusters) - Apr 1991, Jul 1988, Mar 1986

Air Force Longevity Ribbon (Two oak leaf clusters) - Jun 1994, Jun 1990, Jun 1986

West German Armed Forces Life Saving Ribbon - Feb 1986

Air Force Small Arms Marksmanship Ribbon - Feb 1984

Air Force Training Ribbon - Jun 1982