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The P.E.I. Equine Retirement Society

Milburn, O'Leary RR#2
Prince Edward Island
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Unfortunately, due to cost associated with the transportation of horses as well as the need for follow up visits, the P.E.I Equine Retirement Society only adopts out to potential adopter's that live within the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Phone #:

Have you ever owned or cared for a horse before? yes  No

If "Yes" list type of horse and amount of experience.

It cost approximately $1000.00 per year to own a horse (more in case of emergencies).  Can you meet this financial responsibility?   Yes   No   Unsure

Do you know the signs of such medical problems as colic?
Yes   No   Unsure

Height and weight of person using the horse.   Height    Weight

Is this person an experienced horseperson
somewhat experienced 
limited in experienced 

How will the horse be used?   Ridden    Driven    Pet

Please give details in space provided


Horses will usually be trained in basic skills but it is up to you to train the horse for the specifics of what you intend it for.  If you plan to have the horse trained by someone other than yourself please fill in the following.


Please describe the barn and turnout areas available for the horse (size, type of materials, fencing, etc.


If you intend to board the horse, please fill in the following.
Stable Name:
Phone #:

Horses require a large amount of care and commitment.  Would you be willing to learn more about horse care by taking instructions?  Yes   No   Unsure

Reference:  Please give if possible.


While we base our matching of horses and adopters on experience, horse attitude, and desired use, feel free to fill out the following although we make no guarantee concerning the following specifics. 
Desired sex of horse: Mare Gelding
Size: 14-15h 15-16h 16h +

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Last modified: July 17, 2000