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This is another Quarters spinoff. It moves a lot faster than Quarters since there are a lot more targets to hit. You need a lot of beer to play this game as you will be going through it fast. I have played this game before and we went through a 12-pack in about 20 minutes.


A large glass is filled with beer and put in the center of the table. The smaller glasses are also filled with beer, arranged around the center glass in a circle, and in front of the respected player. The player in possession of the quarter shoots. If the quarter lands in one of the small glasses, the player whose glass it lands in has to drink the beer in his/her glass and fill the glass back up with beer. If the quarter lands in the large center glass, every player has to chug the beer in his/her small glass. The player who is last to set his/her glass down has to drink the beer in the large center glass. The quarter is passed to the next player when the previous player fails to put the quarter in a glass. Warning: If the center glass is not hit much, the beer becomes warm, and this adds to the fun, especially late in the game.

Submitted by: Jason Crist

Maintained by: Chris McIntyre