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Most people would consider baseball our national pastime. Others would simple consider it a great drinking game. Well why can't it be both? This game helps to accomplish just that.


This is one of my favorite games and if you are good at it people are guaranteed to get smashed. First align all the glasses in a line starting with the shot glass in front and the larger glasses lined up behind it in ascending order (smallest to largest) each glass should then be filled with beer. The different sized glasses represent baseball hits (shot glass is a single, behind that a double, then a triple and finally a home run). This game can be played with as few as two people. The participants are divided into teams hopefully of equal size and skill. The game goes like this: each team has three chances (outs) to bounce a quarter into one of the filled glasses from a certain distance away from the first glass (shot glass). This distance has varied somewhat each time I've played but about a foot away from the first glass is typical. If a quarter goes in a glass, the opposing team must drink that glass and all the glasses below it. All glasses must be finished and are immediately replaced and refilled before the next batter throws his/her quarter. People on each team need to establish a batting order and stick to it when shooting their quarters. If someone misses a glass that counts as one out. If someone gets one in then the inning continues. When three people have missed in an inning it's time for the other team to bat. This goes on for nine innings. Scoring is simple, runs are driven in by teammates forcing them in with numerous hits. (i.e.. a single followed by a triple scores the single and leaves a man on third for the next batter. A double after a single would put runners on first and third, etc. A home run clears the bases and scores the hitters run.) When the game has finished nine innings the runs are tallied and the losing team has to drink all the cups one more time.

Maintained by: Chris Mcintyre