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Dolores Finney and Joseph Mason

Dream Researchers

This site is dedicated to presenting compelling evidence concerning a Great World Change. It invokes a number of areas of research, with dreams as the major key. The other areas of research include connections to crop circle formations, UFOs/ETs, synchronicities, and coincidneces, signs in the sky, prophecies, myths and religions.

These various fields are all interrelated, so it is essential to have some understanding of them in order to grasp the nature of the coming changes. It is comparable to putting puzzle pieces together into a larger picture

. Most people we meet don't pay any attention to their dreams at all even if they remember them, and waste valuable insights into their lives which could enrich them immensely.

We have been dream journaling on our own for many, many years, studying on our own from various sources. Together we have over twenty years experience trying to understand our own dreams and some others we've come into knowledge of from contact with others who took the time to write down their dreams.

We both have researched other dreamers and posted our own dreams on an international level. Joe is currently writing a book titled "Dreams At the Dawning of the Kingdom."

Personally, I can recall dreams vividly from as early as young childhood, but did not start to journal them seriously until 1980 when I joined a metaphysical group. I began to analyze them using Edgar Cayces ideas, and found myself dreaming according to those terms once I got used to that book.  There were quite a few dreams though, that didn't fit into my daily life and didn't get analyzed.  When I met Joe recently, he took a look at those same dreams and saw connections to mythology and prophecy in the Bible. Many of my dreams are now also prophetic and others relate to my gnostic religious beliefs.

Joe discovered early on in his dream research that synchronicities and coincidences were happening in his life that confirmed some of the ideas he got in his dreams. Currently, we are gathering dreams from people about the Great World Change coming soon.

Many people are getting these dreams and visions as the millenium draws closer. The more participants we find, the better the picture will be of what is coming and how we should prepare for it.

We must keep in mind that dreams are not given to us forthrightly, but couched in heavy symbolism, which might not even be for the physical world, but part of our spiritual dimensions instead. Careful analysis of many dreams will bring these things to light, we feel. If you are interested in participating in this project, or just want to contact us, feel free to E-mail us at

Join with us on an adventure that only individuals with inquisitive and searching minds have access to, and that is to travel inside your own mind to find the connection that takes you soaring out to the unlimited universe beyond your physical world.

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Write about your dreams in the e-mail given at the link below. Remember that we, the readers, don't know who or what you may be talking about. In order to make your dreams more meaningful, always try and explain exactly who or what you are talking about: e.g., if "Amanda" is one of the protagonists in your dreams, don`t forget to say that she is your girlfriend or your neighbor!!!. Remember, when recording your dreams, "details, details, details" are what is important.
Note: The dreams that we want to know about are the ones that you have when you are sleeping!... not your desires!!, fantasies!!, wishes!!, hopes!!, etc., etc.....!!!

Your dreams are important because they can tell you many things and give good advice, or even worldwide implications. Dreams can be prophetic (tell the future) or be related to past lives, mythology, or even be related to biblical stories. Share your dreams with us, and help us put all the puzzle pieces together for the future.

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