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Sailor Echo's Sailor Moon MIDIs
Sailor Transformations
prism.mid Sailor Moon's transformation (DiC dub)
cosmicgs.mid Super Sailor Moon's transformation
esmtrans.mid Eternal Sailor Moon's transformation
inners.mid Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus's transforming music (DiC dub)
outers.mid The Outer Senshi's transformation.
strlttns.mid The Star Lights' transformation.
tux-xfrm.mid Tuxedo Mask's transformation (DiC dub)
Sailor Themes
sm_theme.mid The North American Opening Theme.
smstarop.mid "Makenai!", The Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season Opening
germoon.mid The German Opening Theme
Sailor Tunes
aisenshi.mid Ai No Senshi (Senshi of Love)
anewday.mid A New Day (DiC dub)
callname.mid Call My Name and I'll Be There (DiC dub)
carryon.mid Carry On (DiC dub)
fate.mid Unmei Wa Utsukushiku (Fate is So Beautiful)
fslove.mid Fire Soul Bird Love
hotto.mid Hottkenai Yo
lasoldie.mid La Soldier (Sailor Moon Musical)
moonrev.mid Moon Revenge (Sailor Moon R Movie)
mryaway.mid Only a Memory Away (DiC Dub)
onaji.mid Onaji Namida o Wakatte
onlylove.mid My Only Love
policy.mid Otome no Policy (A Maiden's Policy)
raindaym.mid Rainy Day Man (DiC dub)
shiokiyo.mid Tsukini Kawatte Oshikiyo (In the Name of the Moon, I'll Punish You!)
sm_osn.mid Oh Starry Night (DiC dub)
sm_sgtp.mid She's Got the Power (DiC dub)
smstared.mid Yume mo Sora mo Kitte
smttheme.mid Sailor Team no Theme
some.mid Someday... Somebody...
src4love.mid Search for Your Love
tease.mid Yume Miru Dakeja Dame (Don't Tease My Dreams)
tuxknight.mid Tuxedo Knight
sanji.mid Sanji no Youse (Three O'Clock Fairy)
eiennomel.mid Eien no Melody
nepurath.mid Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru

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