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Profile:- Vadiyarasan Was the King of Delft. Delft is a unique which lies North of Sri Lanka. It is the biggest of the seven inhabitable islands, Which are scattered around in the Indian Ocean and is seven and four miles wide
Economy:- People in delft were self sufficient. They cultivated cereals such as Kurakkan, Varagu, Mondy, Samy ect. Fish was available in abundance. Fresh Milk Product also available, Delft called Milk Island as well
Physical Features:-Physical Features:- One is stuck by her characteristic limestone fences ringing every compound and running across for miles, and by the beauty of the palmyrah and the coconut plams swaying so peacefully in the breeze. Go down to the south and one is greeted by stretches of lagoons and pastural lands where there cattle graze and the horses gallop. The glazing sun,the cool breeze, the sandy beaches, broken by coral stones washed continuously by clear surf, is a beauty to watch. No wonder this island of scenic beauty was developing into a tourist attraction.
Religions:- Hinduism is the main religion of the island and very predominantly in the west. There are also many catholics in Delft Centre and some in the East. There are some protestants formerly of American Mission but presently amalgamated into the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, living mainly in Delft Centre

History of the King:- Vediyarasan was the king of Delft. he built a fort some in the island, Where the mound of earth and brick, surrounded by a little of worked stones, marks the position of the Dagoba. He is said, too to have been the original constructor of a canal which across Delft, connecting two large tanks.-Romantic Ceylon-by R.H.Basset -1929
History of the People:- In the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties the colonisation scheme was started in the Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka. This is the time many of the Delftians disappeared into the jungles of Mannar and Vavuniya. These people took the challenge, disappeared into the jungles, cleared the jungles and emerged as farmers and land owners. They converted these lands into cultivatable, fertile lands and grew paddy, chillies and other vegetables. They transformed the face of the land and dominated the colonisation schemes and live in comparative prosperity and contributed to the self sufficiency in food of Sri Lanka. Thanks to their efforts
Education:- There are good school but some go to the mainland for higher education. Large numbers of people were teachers and civil servants in early days but with improvement in educational facilities, many become professionals such as Doctors, Engineers, Accountants and Consultants in various disciplines.

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