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Can it be love?

The One I Want

What I want is someone
A friend who's always there
Someone I can talk to
One I know will care
You've been the one I've wanted
Since that evening when we met
From the moment I set eyes on you
I've known my heart was set
You stole it right out of my chest
When I looked up to see
Those two dark pools you call your eyes
Looking down on me
I don't want to lose you now
We've only just begun
To see each other as more than friends
To share our endless fun
So why do I keep feeling
Like we're drifting far apart
You know, I won't live very long
When you've still got my heart
So I hope that you'll remember
That I still love you more
Than any words will ever say
Or could have said before.

found it and thought you should see it... that's all!!! =) Isn't that SPeCIaL!!