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HerE are somE pics of ME and my Friends! hope ya'll enjoy them..

ALL NEW pics!!(???)
**Me at easter!! =)
**Me having too much fun with my hose!! **

REALLY new!(1999)
Me and the people i went to OWEGO with!!
Me and some friends at my 15th birthday party..
My sister TRACI!!

VERY recent! *check um out!*(1998)
Me and my funky hair!!
HEY!! i jus woke up!! i'm eating too!!
That's the back of me! and by the way.. i made that shot!
Look how FAT i am!! nah. .i'm sumo wrestlin!
Me and Paul.. we're bout to FIGHT!!
Paul and his suit!!
Uhh.. it was kinda windy.. and i look ugly!!

Recent pictures...(early '98)
umm.. a dECeNT pic of meeh!!
Paul, Sarah, and me.. in one of those sticky pictures..
Paul, Sarah, justins head.. and me in the corner!
a pic of a tatoo that i wanna get but probably never will!! =)

Kinda old... not really.(late '97 early '98)
ME at HOMEcoming!!
Me and my friend CHRISTI!
Me in my CHINA dress!!
me on a very stuborn horse..
Sarah and me on a bridge..
Brandon and Trent..
Me and some friends on a bridge..
Alexis and Ashanti..
Shandell and Ashanti..

Old...(whoa i donno)
pic of meeh when i was like 2 or somethin
Oh look at me with my CAREBEARS!!
My LiL Karate SUIT!!
Don't i look so cute behind bars!!??

Well that's all fer now... gotta go scan some more picS!!