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*mY InFO*

HeYa! WeLL FiRST oF aLL mY NaMe iS Melissa Cochran! I LiVe iN Zillah, Washington. I've lived here for like 6 months. And i love it here. I have blond hair and green eyes... lots of people think i'm really stoopid.. but i'm not really! =)
I've gone through this past year... *Switching skools* *friends leaving* lots of STUFF!! WeLL.. talking bout skools.. I go to Zillah High School... *LeoPaRD PRiDe!!* Where i'm a FReSHMaN...

I have two sisters *younger*.. Their names are Tracy and Nicole.. Tracy is 13 and Nicole is 9. (i think) =) They're both brats and proud of it!

Well my life is pretty boring.. i mean usually *if i can* i'm out jus driving 'round with my friend sarah. Well i used to. But i moved so now i do different things. But i love to play soccer and practice with my gymnastics when i'm not "busy". =) Usually when i'm bored i paint my nails FuNKy colors! And when i get nervous i usually pick at my pretty painted nail polish. i hate it!! i donno.. and don't ask.

*if you didn't already know that!*

My favorite color is PURPLE .. i LOVE it!! but i'm starting to get alot of things in "white". they look better that way. (i think) My most prized posesion is my room.. i spend alot of time decorating it and putting new things in it... especially pictures. But i'm fixin to move so i don't really spend alot of time in my room. But when i move i will definately start decorating it again.

I usually hate it when i see someone hit their pets or anything like that.. but i didn't really know wut "animal cruetality" was.. UNtill my best phren (who is so against animal abuse) sent me *Scruffy's STory* it was so sad and totally wrong.. if you have no clue to as wut i'm talkin bout.. i suggest you go there and read what happend to this poor and helpless dog! THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED!

hehe =)

WeLL WHeN i THiNK oF MoRe STuFF tO PuT uP *i WiLL*!!!