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SoftMaple 2004 litter

It's time for us to fly!

The puppy evaluations went great. Not a lot of surprises, and I was very happy with the personalities of the pups. The evaluation shows us things that may not be evident by watching the pups interact. Sound sensitivity is one. A pup may take cues from his litter mates on how to act when he hears a sound he dislikes. If no one else seems bothered, he is not bothered, or may not look it outwardly. But in a strange place, hearing a sound he has never heard before, he may act differently. A sound sensitive dog may not do well as a hunting dog. (gunfire) or not do well in a home with small kids. (high pitched screaming) Or it may not be the pup you want to ship on an airplane. Another thing that we see with the evaluation is pain sensitivity. This will be a guide showing what methods of training would be good for the pup. A pup with next to no pain sensitivity shouldn't go to the harsh field trial fellow, who is used to training Chessies. Maybe the person who is planning on positive reinforcement, clicker training, ect. Proper socialization can overcome many of the things we see in the puppy evaluation. A pup that takes longer to warm up, and wants to sit there watching the tester instead of participating should be taken to new places often. This pup may be great in the home, and be one of those dogs that just looks worried when out in public. Lots of positive experiences, puppy kindergarten, and beginning obedience will build this dogs confidence. Not to say that the most outgoing puppy does not need this too! Just like you can improve upon a pup with socialization, you can turn an outgoing pup into a recluse with lack of socialization.

We also do a structure evaluation. Now, everyone wants a curly to look like a curly, and look like a nice looking one! The term show dog and pet are misleading. Its not always about looks. A show prospect needs a certain attitude. There were pups in this litter that were nicely put together, and would have made good show prospects, except they didn't have that extra spark. In the ring, its not always the best looking dog that wins. A really nice dog, if he is unhappy in the ring, tail down, head down. Looking like he wants to be anywhere else but there, will loose to the mediocre dog, who is expertly handled, and is asking for the win. Now, I don't blame the dog! What is so fun about running around in a few circles and having a stranger feel you up? Most curlies would rather be hiking, swimming or retrieving!

Unless you really know what you are looking for, you probably can't see the difference structurally between a dog chosen as a show prospect and that chosen as a companion. Sometimes its something you can't even see by looking at the dog. Sometimes you would have to feel the dogs structure, see him moving, or look in his mouth. We did have three bites that are off. At this age, it may be too early to tell how the bite will be as an adult. Ideally, puppies should be examined around three or four months of age for early detection of bite problems. A dog's jaw finishes growing at approximately ten months of age, and until that time a mild under or overshot should be left alone as it may correct itself spontaneously during the growth period. But a bite that is off at this age, may not correct. This is one of those cases where people stand ringside, and one dog looks obviously better than another dog, yet the mediocre dog wins. Maybe its something the judge saw in the dogs mouth. You can't see the dogs bite ringside. Not all judges are *Tooth Fairies* but there are enough judges out there that won't reward an incorrect bite.

Pigment is another thing. Too light an eye, or light eye rims on a dog can create a harsh, unpleasant look. (Yea, this dog show stuff is like a beauty pageant!) Flat feet, too long a tail, too short a tail, not enough angulation, too much angulation, etc. Picky stuff. And these are just puppies! They will go through some ugly growth stages, before anyone turns into a Swan. ;-)

Red Boy
Orange Boy
Green Boy
White Boy
Blue Boy
Purple Boy
Pink Girl
Yellow Girl

We flew out Purple boy and Blue boy this morning. The rest of the pups wait their turns in the puppy pen, getting some sun.



The last puppy goes to his new home today.

The puppy room is stripped of toys, bedding, papers. The floor is scrubbed. The tunnels are hosed down and put away.

But the room does not stay vacant long. The whelping box was scrubbed and repainted this week. Ready for Bailey, who is due to have her family in a week or so!

Three siblings

Bouclee and Tara

Denali and Tara

Denali, Tara and Bouclee

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SR Curlygleann Kiwi Dream WC CGC TDI CR-677G24M-PI, CR-EL111M24-PI, SN91060601, DOB May 2 2001
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NZCH Tani Cyber Space 0270723701 NZKC03126-1999 Hip Score 2:1=3

NZ CH NDOKI Matabele Warrior ANKC1572843 (IMP AUST) 1572843

Lizallwood Lucifer KCT2594901 T2594901T02 AVA Hip Score 3:4

AUST CH Blazeaway Classic Lace C.D.X. T.D. 1337103

Kotene Merlot NZKC06510-1997

NZCH Curlwyn Black Cheka QC NZKC01081-1989

Tavistock Radiance NZKC 12750-1989

Ch. Curlygleann Black Brena 0270723801 07623-1994 Hip Score 4:3=7 PennHip 60th%

Gr. Ft. Ch. Midisland Sinbahd 00855-1987 Hip 5:5=10

NZ CH & GFT CH Pukemere Mura Kuri QC. 00396-1982

FT CG Toakaha Atiamuri 00336-1983

NZ CH Blazeaway Stormy Event IMP-AUST 1107959

Au CH Ladybrow Bolshan KCK0268102K04

Au CH Blazeaway Quality Street S20420/91 249265

CH SoftMaple N HunterBay's NYwkend CGC TT CR-EL99F28-PI CR-645E28F-PI, CR-CA135/34F/C-PI
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Dutch, VDH, German Ch. Caballus Inferno JWW'98, W'98, Europasieger '99, Bundessieger'99 Hips A/A (Finland), B1 (Holland)

Int&FIN&N Ch, NordV-95-97-98, FINW-96-97-98-99, SW-96-98, JWW-96 Caballus Fair Dinkum hips A/A, clear eye cert '99

CH Darelyn Double Dutch

Int&Nord Ch NordW-94 SW-94, WW-98 Caballus Out for a Blaze

Oak's Wild Song HD fri Norden Hips A, eyes clear 12.05.00 SF23859/94

Dutch,Luxemburg,German,VDH Champion Cornish Marksman B1-B2 Hips

Oak's Rhapsody

CH Mathel Felicitation ROM CR-CA3/38F/C CR-453G24F CERF

CH Haamorin Indeksi ROM CR-CA2/89M/C-T CR-315G24M-T

Haamorin Hurmuri

Haamorin Usvana

CH Darelyn Zelsa CR-EL12 CR-351G31F

Eng CH Darelyn Sutton Tied Boy

Eng SH CH Darelyn Wychita

SoftMaple 2004 Litter

SoftMaple Curly Coated Retrievers
Mark and Cathy Lewandowski
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan New York 13327

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