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SoftMaple 2004 litter

Week Six (Days 36-42)

+ Growth and development continue

Puppy Toddlers (3 - 6 Weeks) During the Toddler period, puppies emerge on their own from the litter. They venture into the surrounding environment. This emergence from the litter is a gradual and continual learning experience. During this stage of development puppies learn basic behavioral patterns specific to dogs. While playing, they practice different body postures, learning what the postures mean and how they affect their mother and litter mates. They learn what it is like to bite and be bitten, what barking and other vocalizations mean and how to make and use them to establish social relationships with other dogs. Such learning and activity tempers their own biting and vocalizing. From the age of five weeks, the mother teaches her puppies basic manners. They learn to be submissive to her leadership and what behaviors are acceptable. If necessary, she growls, snarls, or snaps at them as a form of discipline. When weaning the litter, for instance, the mother will discipline her puppies so that they will leave her alone. Because the mother disciplines them in a way that they clearly understand, after a few repetitions, the puppies will respond to a mere glare from her. If a pup has not learned to accept leadership (and discipline) in its early interactions with dogs, its training will be more difficult. Puppies that are removed from the nest too early tend to be nervous, more prone to barking and biting, and less responsive to discipline. Often they are aggressive with other dogs. Generally speaking, a puppy taken away from it's mother and litter mates before seven weeks of age, may not realize its full potential as a dog and companion. To maximize the mental and psychological development of puppies, they must remain in the nest with their mother and litter mates until seven weeks of age.

Day 36
October 14th

Day 37
October 15


6:30pm, we introduced the pups to a duck wing on a string

A couple of pups were real interested. Following the wing dangling above them is harder than just having a wing on the ground to pick up. We like to see who will go after a wing, grab it and hang on. Some of the pups wanted to take the wing back to the whelping box with them. Some of the pups were more interested in attacking Mark's sneakers. This doesn't necessarily mean they won't be birdy. Any retriever that is Mouthy or likes to carry things in his mouth, can be a good retriever. Below is a link about introducing your curly pup to birds and wings.

At first the pups didn't notice the wing dangled above

Then a couple tried to grab at it....

Sibling rivalry... trying to take it away from your brother or sister!

Once we were done, purple boy didn't want to give up, so he carried around a football!

Introducing your curly to birds and wings

Day 38
October 16

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SoftMaple 2004 Litter

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