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SoftMaple 2004 litter

Week Five (Days 29-35)

+ Group activities and sexual play will begin
+ Dominance order starts
+ Rapid growth/development

Day 29
October 7th

This morning I set up the Shark Cage. I call it the Shark Cage because a feeding frenzy usually goes on in there.

It is a puppy pen, with a grate floor, and removable/cleanable pans to catch all the unmentionables that get trampled through the grates. This gives me a chance to clean out the puppy room, mop the floor and let everything dry while the pups are out from underfoot. The pen is 48' X 48" X 30". It is not big enough to leave the pups in all day, but I hear of some breeders that do this to make clean up easier. The pups at this age still need to spend as much time with mom as she will let them. But KC would eat up all the puppy food if I let her!

We also put on the larger collars last night. You will be able to pick out the individual pups easier in the pictures.

Yellow girl . . . . . Pink Girl


Day 30
October 8th

Waking up

First Breakfast...this morning they woke up early, and got a meal at 5am.

Yesterday the shedding got so bad, I shaved KC!

The combination of the warm weather we are having, the season change, and the demands on her for milk production, all make her blow her coat. She was leaving tumbleweeds everywhere. She will be more comfortable now. After the clipping, I took her up to camp for a bath in the lake.

I got a big bag of hair when I clipped her. There are a lot of sites on the internet about Knitting with Dog Hair.... I think I'll pass! We will use the hair to plant with our fall bulbs to keep the moles away.

10:30am. It is such a nice day today, that I decide to give the puppy room a good scrubbing with clorox. I want the pups out of the fumes, so I take them and KC outside. I have a raised puppy pen, but didn't want them exposed to the draft, so I put them all in the main kennel runs. The run is 6 X 36, with a 6 X 12 cemented area, and a raised gravel run. KC can get away from them if she wishes, by jumping up to the gravel part. The pups explore the lower area, then settle on the mesh and PVC dog hammock. There is also a dogaloo dog house, and a heated contact pad for the pups.

Moving the pups can be stressful. The best way to handle any new stress at this age is for them to go with familiar things. KC is the big one. ;-) if mamma says its ok, then it must be! I also bring the blanket they had with them in the shark cage along with some of the toys they have been used to.

Day 31
October 9th

Morning pictures

KC comes in at the tail end of breakfast to help clean up the mess

The pups got a lot of visitors today. Small children, women and men. It's important for the pups to experience new people besides me and my husband. This is the first time they got to meet young kids. Kids always have to be supervised around puppies. (and vice versa!) Kids move quick, have high voices, and may be intimidating at first to a young puppy. Here is a link about Kids and Dogs

Day 32
October 10th

I got home this morning, and 6 of the pups were out of the box. Some could get in and out of the box with no I wonder how long they had been doing this by themselves. KC was laying on a dog bed outside the puppy area. There were a few puppy puddles outside the area, so someone has been exploring! The puppy gates go up tonight!
I scooped them all up and put them in the shark cage while they had breakfast and I cleaned up.

They were pretty full of it, and played loudly after breakfast.

Day 33
October 11th

Light Blue Boy . . . . White Boy & Yellow Girl

4:00 pictures

I haven't set up the whole play room yet, but expanded where the pups can go.
They have a little step to help them get back in to the whelping box.

Pink Girl looks out

Yellow Girl

Three boys. Orange, Green and White

Day 34
October 12

Morning pictures

The pups are up at 6:00am, and moved from the puppy room to the shark cage for breakfast

Day 35
October 13

KC feeds the pups standing up most of the time

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