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Curly coated retriever names

What's in a Name?

A dog has a formal or Registered name, and a call name. The Registered name is longer, usually starts with the breeders Kennel name, may follow a theme, or may remind the owner of some event that happened when they got the pup, or when the pup was born. The Call name, or nickname may or may not have something to do with the registered name. Now is a good time to start thinking of a name for your pup! Here is what the AKC has to say about dog names....

Procedures for Registration Matters
II. Naming of Dogs

The person who owns the dog at the time the application for registration is submitted to the AKC has the right to name it, in the absence of a written agreement.

There are guidelines that determine the acceptability of a name. Some of these are as follows:

1. Name choices are limited to twenty-five (25) letters. Spaces between words, apostrophes and hyphens are counted.

2. All letters in a dog’s name are limited to the standard English alphabet. When registration certificates are printed, all letters are capitalized. Diacritical markings (accent grave, accent acute, umlaut, etc.) are not printed on registration certificates in a dog’s name.

3. Registered Kennel Names cannot be included in a dog’s name unless their use is authorized by the owner of the name.

4. Roman numerals must not be included at the end of the dog’s name. The AKC reserves the right to assign roman numerals for identification purposes. The AKC permits thirty-seven (37) dogs of each breed to be assigned the same name.

5. There are no restrictions on cardinal (one, two, three) and ordinal (first, second, third) numbers that are spelled out.

6. Words and phrases that may not be included in a dog’s name:
A. Champion, champ, sieger and any AKC title or show term, either spelled out or abbreviated.
B. Obscenities and words derogatory to any race, creed or nationality or transliterations of such words.
C. Kennel(s), male, stud, sire, bitch, dam and female.
D. Breed names alone.

7. An imported dog must be registered with the same name under which it was registered in its country of birth, except for the addition of a registered kennel name.

All dogs’ names are subject to AKC approval.

According to Chapter 3, Section 7 of Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline, "no change in the name of a dog registered with The American Kennel Club will be allowed to be made."

All dogs whelped at SoftMaple will carry the SoftMaple prefix in the name. Some litters have themes, some don't. Some people name a dog based on parts of each parents name. Sometimes an event that happened around the time the pup was born will give the owners an idea of the name. You may want to think of a patriotic name for your pup.

The registered name does not have to have anything to do with the call name of the dog. Jet's registered name is CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty SH WCX CD CGC. Gabby's registered name is CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC.

You may want to name your pup SoftMaple's Star Spangled, and call him Banner, or SoftMaple's Liberty Bell and call her Bell. Now is a good time to start thinking of names.

Some other ideas:

Stars N Stripes
Star Spangled
The Patriot
Old Glory
Dawn Early Lite
Let Freedom Ring
Yankee Doodle
Of Thee I sing
Freedom rings
Home'O the Brave
Land'O the Free
American hero
Rocket Launcher
Rocket red glare
Bombs Away
Uncommon Valor
Under Siege
Under Fire
Victory awaits
Day of Reckoning
Of Thee I sing
Freedom song
Independence day
Full Metal Jacket
Love And War
In The Line Of Fire
Line of Duty
Pilgrim's Pride
Hi Flying flag
Liverty Bell For a liver girl ;-)

You don't have to follow a Patriotic theme at all. Just start thinking about a Call name and a more formal Registered name for your pup. Sometimes people change the call name when the pup gets home if they decide she doesn't really look or act like the *Angel* they had picked out! Just keep thinking of the 25 spaces you have. SoftMaple has 9 letters. Add a space after that, and it takes you to 10. So you have 15 spaces to play with.

11/8/2001 The pups are introduced to The Shark Cage

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