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Why is it that from the instant the first drops of water spill out of the tap, from the second you reach for the bottle of shampoo, your dog starts making his way to the

Splish! Splash!

Bath Time!

Why is it that from the instant the first drops of water spill out of the tap, from the second you reach for the bottle of shampoo, your dog starts making his way to the darkest, quietest and most hidden corner of the house?

The dog who doesn't hear you when you scream, "Get off the couch!" is able to pick out the magic word when you whisper, "I think the dog needs a bath"

11/25/2001 First bath! The pups all behaved very very well. Most stood there, lapped up a bit of water, and tolerated the procedure without much resistance. Some walked around the tub looking for a way out. Most just let me soap them up and rinse. I spritzed them all with a little Avon Skin So Soft after the bath. I use this as a flea repellent.... since the next stop for them will be the vets. So the next pictures of them, they will look a bit greasy! When I use the Skin So Soft on my dogs, I dilute it with water. Mist it on the coat. I did spray it directly on the pups, since I don't want to use chemicals on them, and I don't want any fleas jumping on them when we get to the vets!

Now, the pups just had a bath. When you get your pup, and give him or her the first bath, the water will probably be black! You will wonder if the pup has ever been bathed. The pups have newspaper in the puppy room. You know when you handle the paper, your fingertips turn black from the ink. Same with puppy feet. Only these 40 puppy feet also jump all over each other all day long. I just gave them a bath. I could wash them all again now, and the water would look dirty! Just a warning!

Your dog disagrees that he needs a bath! Like most dogs, he's content to live his life in dog-smell heaven, a place where water is for drinking or swimming in and never has soap added. Too bad. We make the rules, and dog-smell heaven is no paradise for us.

A good attitude can go a long way, but a bad one can go even further. If your dog knows how much you hate bath time, how can he get a positive, or at least tolerable, opinion of the process? Keep your attitude high and don't let up on the praise. Itís great if you have someone to help you the first few times. Many a dog has jumped out of the tub while the owner was pouring the shampoo.... This can lead to a wet dog chase through the house!

A dog should be groomed before you bath it. Curlies don't need a lot of grooming, but if your curly is shedding, you may want to use the undercoat rake on him before you start the bath. Check under ears, neck, tail for small mats. Mats stop the shampoo from getting through the coat. Also if you wet hair with knots it only gets worse and can be quite sore for the dog. Knotted hair twists and becomes more knotted, pinching the skin as it does so.


Bathing should not be done too often as this removes the natural oils from the skin. If you use shampoos not suitable for dogs then you may damage the coat and skin. The oils that are in the coat are there for a reason, to help in waterproofing and insulation. Use a mild shampoo made for dogs. I like a hypoallergenic shampoo, or an oatmeal based shampoo. Don't use people shampoo, the PH is different. These dog shampoos also lather less and make it easier to rinse from the coat. This is a godsend if your dog doesn't like standing in the bath for too long.

If you are bathing your dog in your own bath make sure you put a non-slip mat on the bottom. Not only does this stop your dog from slipping and sliding, it also protects your bath from being scratched. If your dog is wearing a leather collar remove it before bathing, replace it with a nylon type one. You have to make the first baths positive, and a dog that slips in the tub, falls, makes you grab at it.... not a positive experience.

The water for bathing your dog in should be lukewarm. Make sure you wet the coat thoroughly before adding the shampoo. When your curly has his adult coat, you will find it may take some time to soak the coat through. A lot of the water will run right off! A spray nozzle attachment is the easiest way to wet the dog, and rinse after.

When wetting the coat you can help to steady the dog by gently putting your hand under the chin. Talk to the dog to reassure it, it helps to keep everyone calm. Start shampooing at the top and work down. Firstly along the back and neck area then the tail and bottom next the legs and feet. Lastly wash the head area, most dog shampoos don't cause much irritation if they get into the eyes, but do try to avoid doing this if possible.

The dog may want to shake itself while it is being bathed, if you notice that this is about to happen then place your hand on the back of its neck, the scruff, if necessary gently lift the scruff. This action should be enough to stop the shake from occurring. Once you are sure that you have washed the dog all over then it is time to rinse. Again top to bottom. Start with the head, tilt it up slightly, and work backwards. Repeat the rinsing process until you are sure that all the shampoo has been washed from the coat. Once you think you have rinsed enough, rinse again! Nothing is more irritating to the skin than dried shampoo left in! Using your hands to gently squeeze the coat to get rid of the excess water. If you do not do this, the dog will come out of the bath and shake, soaking everything in its path. Pat the dog with a towel. If its warm enough, I let the dog run around outside to dry, if not, I put them in a crate until they are just about dry. A word of caution, they love to roll once they have a bath!

Working up a lather. Start shampooing at the top and work down.

rinse! rinse! rinse!

Pat dry with a towel. If you blow dry and brush your curly he will look like a poodle!

11/26/2001 Day 49 stacked pictures of the pups

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty SH WCX CD CGC CR-536G27M-T OFA cardiac, CERF (Jet) to CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF (Gabby)

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