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Fall 2001 litter

Week Seven (Days 43-49)

+ Total hearing/visual capacity
+ Will investigate anything
+ Can't respond yet to name

Canine Socialization Period (21 - 49 Days):
Interacting with his mother and littermates, the pup learns various canine behaviors. He is now aware of the differences between canine and human societies.

11/20/2001: Well, we are at the first day of week 7. This is a week when a lot happens in a puppy's brain. The pups have started developing unique personalities, and this will continue even more this week. The pups play harder and more often. They compete for the best toys and the best spots to sleep. Pack order is developing. Some of the pups that I would not think of as dominant are trying to move up the pecking order. At the end of this week we will do puppy evaluations. I'll tell you more about this as we get closer.

Yellow collar black girl tends to try to take on the larger boys. She has latched onto Green collar boys ear several times! I notice she likes to do a sneak attack... while he is occupied with a toy or sibling. Red collar liver girl tends to only pick on her own size. She and pink girl hang out together a lot. If the gang is particularly rambunctious, they will go in the swing and watch. They both aren't opposed to biting someone's tail as they run by! Yellow collar liver girl is more interested in any person in the room than with her siblings. The two liver boys have not jostled for dominance at all. Both of the black boys are about even, but don't seem to pick on each other.

The pups still nurse on Gabby occasionally. They have very sharp teeth! She only lets them while she is finishing off the puppy mush. She will jump on top of the overturned vari kennel to get just out of reach, but still be with them. The pups have some meals with watered down kibble, some with the puppy mush, and also are given dry food to play in...I mean eat!

I wormed the pups again today. The biggest ones weigh over 10 lbs now.

Human Socialization Period (7 to 12 Weeks):
The pup has the brain wave of and adult dog. The best time for going to a new home. He now has the ability to learn respect, simple behavioral responses: sit, stay, come. Housebreaking begins. He now learns by association. The permanent man/dog bonding begins, and he is able to accept gentle discipline and establish confidence.


By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old (end of seven weeks) it should have:

1) BEEN ON 7 different surfaces:
Carpet Concrete Wood Vinyl Grass Dirt Gravel Wood Chips Newspaper Etc.

2) PLAYED WITH 7 different types of objects:
Big Balls Small Balls Soft Fabric Toys Fuzzy Balls Squeaky Toys Metal Items Wooden Items Paper/Cardboard Items Milk/Soda Jugs Etc.

3) BEEN IN 7 different locations:
Front Yard Back Yard Basement Kitchen Car Garage Laundry Room Bathroom Crate Kennel Etc.

4) BEEN EXPOSED to 7 challenges:
Climbed a box Climbed off a box Go thru a tunnel Climbed up steps Climbed down steps Climbed over obstacles Played hide & seek Go in & out doorway with a step Etc.

5) EATEN FROM 7 different containers:
Metal Plastic Cardboard Paper China Pie Plate Frying pan Etc.

6) EATEN IN 7 different locations:
Crate Yard Kitchen Basement Laundry room Bathroom X-pen Etc.

7) MET AND PLAYED WITH 7 new people: including children & the elderly

More of 11/20/2001 and a bit about the Temperament Test

Week Eight (Days 50-56)

+ First fear period
+ Starts learning name

Fear Impact Period (8 - 11 Weeks):
Try to avoid frightening the puppy during this time, since traumatic experiences can have an effect during this period. As you can see, this period overlaps that of the previous definition and children or animal should not be allowed to hurt or scare the puppy -- either maliciously or inadvertently. It is very important now to introduce other humans, but he must be closely supervised to minimize adverse conditioning. Learning at this age is permanent.

This is the stage where you wonder if your dog is going to be a woosy butt all his life. Also introducing your puppy to other dogs at this time will help him become more socialized. If available in your area, a doggy day care is great for this.

Week Nine (Days 57-63)

+ Develops strong dominant and subordinate behavior among littermates
+ Begins to learn right behavior
+ Motor skills improve
+ Short attention span
+ Starts focusing attention on owner rather than other puppies
+ Start house training

Seniority Classification Period (13 - 16 Weeks):
This critical period is also known as the "Age of Cutting" - cutting teeth and cutting apron strings. At this age, the puppy begins testing dominance and leadership. Biting behavior is absolutely discouraged from thirteen weeks on. Praise for the correct behavior response is the most effective tool. Meaningful praise is highly important to shape positive attitude.

Flight Instinct Period (4 to 8 Months):
During this period puppies test their wings- they will turn a deaf ear when called. This period lasts from a few days to several weeks. It is critical to praise the positive and minimize the negative behavior during this time. However, you must learn how to achieve the correct response. This period corresponds to teething periods, and behavioral problems become compounded by physiological development chewing.

Second Fear impact period (6 - 14 Months):
Also called, "The fear of situations period", usually corresponds to growths spurts. This critical age may depend on the size of the dog. Small dogs tend to experience these periods earlier than large dogs. Great care must be taken not to reinforce negative behavior. Force can frighten the dog, and soothing tones serve to encourage his fear. His fear should be handled with patience and kindness, and training during this period puts the dog in a position of success, while allowing him to work things out while building self-confidence.

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty SH WCX CD CGC CR-536G27M-T OFA cardiac, CERF (Jet) to CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF (Gabby)

Puppies born 10/8/2001 ~ 10/9/2001
4 black girls, 3 liver girls, 2 black boys, 2 liver boys.

(10/8 - 10/9) Countdown, and the pups are born
(10/10 - 10/11) dewclaws, loss of liver girl
(10/12 - 10/13) Bio Sensor pictures
(10/14) A picture album
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